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heck 934540625a Test: PityTest - AbstractPityUnit fix PROC_SEQ (added wait()), rename 1 year ago
heck 1a766e6ece Test: PityTest - AbstractPityUnit add setExecMode() 1 year ago
heck 5bd78ad83f Test: PityTest - Include cleanup 1 year ago
heck 0baa54c330 Test: PityTest - AbstractPityUnit add copy assign operator 1 year ago
heck dc0f1e21b3 Test: PityTest - Copy C'tor 1 year ago
heck dd213604e3 Tests: AbstractPityUnit - print full path of RootUnit 1 year ago
heck f592357827 Tests: AbstractPityUnit - init log_mutex in construction 1 year ago
heck c3614c4cf8 Tests: AbstractPityUnit - fix init order 1 year ago
heck bbe6b5b4c3 Tests: AbstractPityUnit - move init from constructor to run() 1 year ago
heck f08fd36f42 Tests: PityTest - PityUnit, move tree functionality into base class 1 year ago
heck d1de14487c Test: PityTest - Abstract base for PityUnit 1 year ago
heck 87ed5be3d0 Test: PityTest - Units return int 1 year ago
heck d8302d9437 Test: PityTest - processUnit term colors 1 year ago
heck f95efdb92d Includes for linux build. 1 year ago
heck 5bd3c262bb Tests: PityTest - Exit status is green if 0, otherwise red 1 year ago
heck f2d1e6215a Tests: PityTest - report exit status 1 year ago
heck e2d57a569c Tests: PityTest - HACK for transport peers problem 1 year ago
heck c580adbdcf Tests: PityTest - PityUnit remove the 2nd template param. 1 year ago
heck 8f28c98f99 Tests: PityTest - fixes 1 year ago
heck eb2a3019ee Tests: PityTest - integrate transport into PityUnit 1 year ago
heck c386664a1a Test: PityTest - Add Perspective peers/partner etc... 1 year ago
heck 3ac5b641d8 Test: PityTest - Add fs_mutex (a very primitive IPC sync method) 1 year ago
heck 26996f4fd4 Test: PityTest - PityUnit move stuff to 1 year ago
heck 62a99f3c63 Tests: PityUnit - Fixes and renames 1 year ago
heck 8989c84f25 Tests: PityUnit - Add termCol support 1 year ago
heck 6fe42706e6 Tests: PityTest11 - dirs ftw nr.2 2 years ago
heck 8aa9a8136d Tests: PityTest11 - create dirs 2 years ago
heck d05a89baa6 Tests: PityTest11 - Test status output 2 years ago
heck d6fc9cf132 Test: PityTest11 dir rename 2 years ago
heck d04f53b4a7 Test: pEpTestTree - Rebranding! its now PityTest11 \o/ 2 years ago
heck f54750366c Test: pEpTestTree - impl is now hxx 2 years ago
heck 774022cb49 Test: pEpTestTree - made generic for the model type 2 years ago
heck 4a38564ce6 pEpTestTree - loads of improvements and func 2 years ago