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heck 629d17f809 correct the typo in "m4gic_logger_n4me" 2 years ago
heck 706431c85c pEpSQLite - Add helper function eval_sql_count() 2 years ago
heck 82359fdb9d pEpSQLite - Add custom exceptions and revise .what() 2 years ago
heck edc8fde83d pEpSQLite.* - formatting 2 years ago
heck 2b0489f114 pEpSQLite - some const members 2 years ago
heck 99f32d1f1e Project Structure: Create folder src/internal - Move sqlite3.h there.
Headers such as sqlite3.h dont need to be in the dist of this package.
Put all stuff that should not be distributed into src/internal
2 years ago
heck 8548eb9d77 pEpSQLite - bugfixes
add is_open()
idempotent close()
close db before deleting
add to_string(RSRecord)
add to_string(ResultSet)
2 years ago
heck 7ae66e5f53 pEpLog / pEpSQLite - the "magic" logger alias can be private 2 years ago
heck 826989f273 Add class pEpSQLite
A C++ interface to sqlite3
2 years ago