C++11 library providing functionality common to all adapters.
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// This file is under GNU General Public License 3.0
// see LICENSE.txt
#include "pEpSQLite.hh"
#include "pEpLog.hh"
#include <vector>
#include <string>
namespace pEp {
class ListManagerDummy {
ListManagerDummy() = delete;
explicit ListManagerDummy(const std::string& db_path);
// Update
void list_add(const std::string& addr_list, const std::string& addr_mgr);
void list_delete(const std::string& addr_list);
void member_add(const std::string& addr_list, const std::string& addr_member);
void member_remove(const std::string& addr_list, const std::string& addr_member);
// Query
std::vector<std::string> lists();
std::string moderator(const std::string& addr_list);
std::vector<std::string> members(const std::string& addr_list);
bool list_exists(const std::string& addr_list);
bool member_exists(const std::string& addr_list, const std::string& addr_member);
// db
void close_db();
void delete_db();
// Logging
static bool log_enabled;
Adapter::pEpLog::pEpLogger logger{ "ListManagerDummy", log_enabled };
pEpSQLite db;
bool is_db_initialized{ false };
void ensure_db_initialized();
void db_config();
void create_tables();
Adapter::pEpLog::pEpLogger& m4gic_logger_n4me = logger;
class DBException : public std::runtime_error {
DBException(const std::string& string) : runtime_error(string) {}
class DoesNotExistException : public std::runtime_error {
DoesNotExistException(const std::string& string) : runtime_error(string) {}
class AlreadyExistsException : public std::runtime_error {
AlreadyExistsException(const std::string& string) : runtime_error(string) {}
} // namespace pEp