C++11 library providing functionality common to all adapters.
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heck ca0d30c175 Merge branch 'LIB-13' - Define Coding Standards And Project Structure
Define and implement Coding Style using clang-format.
top level .clang-format, supported by nearly all Editors/IDE's and if not, one has to manually run clang-format. Its up to the dev. But everybody can use it, and its enables to use a shared definition of coding style.

I want to avoid the project to end up in an underspecified/inconsistent state after the code base has grown over the years.
So, NOW is the time to do it.

Flat project structure becomes unmanageable.
Create standard project layout, of at least
* src
* test

for now

ALSO: The max. C++ Standard to be used (pEp-wide) has now been raised to C++14 (!!!)
2 years ago
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How to build

To customize your build, you may change several variables that are consumed by make.

These variables, along with some explanations can be found in Makefile.conf.

You can edit that file, or create a file local.conf in the root of the repository, which will also be parsed by make.

A sample local.conf looks like this:



Now, run:

make all
make install