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// This file is under GNU General Public License 3.0
// see LICENSE.txt
#include "grp_manager_interface.hh"
#include "grp_driver_engine.hh"
#include "grp_driver_dummy.hh"
#include "pEpLog.hh"
#include <pEp/message_api.h>
namespace pEp {
namespace Adapter {
class GroupDriverReplicator : public GroupManagerInterface {
void set_replication_source(GroupManagerInterface &src);
void set_replication_destination(GroupUpdateInterface &dst);
// GroupUpdateInterface
PEP_STATUS adapter_group_create(
::PEP_SESSION session,
::pEp_identity *group_identity,
::pEp_identity *manager,
::identity_list *memberlist) noexcept override;
PEP_STATUS adapter_group_dissolve(
::PEP_SESSION session,
::pEp_identity *group_identity,
::pEp_identity *manager) noexcept override;
PEP_STATUS adapter_group_invite_member(
::PEP_SESSION session,
::pEp_identity *group_identity,
::pEp_identity *group_member) noexcept override;
PEP_STATUS adapter_group_remove_member(
::PEP_SESSION session,
::pEp_identity *group_identity,
::pEp_identity *group_member) noexcept override;
PEP_STATUS adapter_group_join(
::PEP_SESSION session,
::pEp_identity *group_identity,
::pEp_identity *as_member) noexcept override;
// GroupQueryInterface
PEP_STATUS group_query_groups(::PEP_SESSION session, ::identity_list **groups) noexcept override;
PEP_STATUS group_query_manager(
::PEP_SESSION session,
const ::pEp_identity *const group,
::pEp_identity **manager) noexcept override;
PEP_STATUS group_query_members(
::PEP_SESSION session,
const ::pEp_identity *const group,
::identity_list **members) noexcept override;
// Logging
static bool log_enabled;
Adapter::pEpLog::pEpLogger logger{ "GroupDriverReplicator", log_enabled };
// Group replication roles
// Default replication source and destination
std::shared_ptr<GroupManagerInterface> default_repl_src;
std::shared_ptr<GroupUpdateInterface> default_repl_dst;
// Current replication source and destination
GroupManagerInterface *repl_src = nullptr; // Source needs full interface
GroupUpdateInterface *repl_dst = nullptr; // Destination needs update interface only
// Helpers
bool has_repl_src_and_dst();
// Logging
Adapter::pEpLog::pEpLogger &m4gic_logger_n4me = logger;
} // namespace Adapter
} // namespace pEp