20 Commits (065e730d87c4f7b0878f0296d06db6759d2931f7)

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  roker 065e730d87 unrelated, but still not commited. 11 months ago
  roker 8f7f181899 oh, the missing comma confuses libetpan, letting it reject the whole Cc: line. pEpMIME parses 4 entries here. Who is rignt? 11 months ago
  roker 8306edaf09 resort the test to see what is working and what not, yet. 11 months ago
  roker 0c82dcc5dc add an EXPECT_NE() to check for nullptr before derefencing it. Avoids segfault. But the test is still red. 11 months ago
  roker 1da02a1eb2 add more comprehensive test for message parser. And... it segfaults. :-( 11 months ago
  roker 5ffd66f169 fix the unittests for UTF-16 NFC tests 1 year ago
  roker 1d1575e971 copy unittest_nfc.cc to unittest_nfc16.cc 1 year ago
  roker 6e1f680ec5 use string_view in unittest_nfc. That avoids copying and makes compiler happy, too! 1 year ago
  roker 57ee30017d test the wrapper for message. 1 year ago
  roker 9278dd9e9b add unittest for identity & identity_list 1 year ago
  roker 392662b981 unittest to show how the intended usage will be. 1 year ago
  roker 39e8dd2d10 Yay, all tests are green now! \o/ 1 year ago
  roker 450acba1bc now the unittests compile. \o/ All declared functions & variables are defined. 1 year ago
  roker 999052db8b externalize zhe initializer_list<> to get better compiler error messages. might be reverted sometimes later. 1 year ago
  roker 680a19bcc8 find() -> find_if() etc. to make it compile. *sigh* 1 year ago
  roker 68f3006e37 fix unittests. but there is still a lot to do... 1 year ago
  roker 1a270a0106 add comprehensive test for pEp::StringPairList 1 year ago
  roker d52ed09280 add unittest_stringpair; fix linker errors. 1 year ago
  roker 263222aefb add simple unittest; stolen from JSON Adapter. 1 year ago
  roker 68052a3c78 add 1st rough version of test/Makefile 1 year ago