52 Commits (2330093cffc2b3c846a4128539bf57ac4277c0fb)

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  Volker Birk 2330093cff remove support for C++ < 17 and add more convenience functions 8 months ago
  roker f5f12e2105 add UTF<char16_t>::utf_length(). Be more pedantic about surrogates where they're not allowed. 8 months ago
  roker 8205b7b9de bundle UTF handling functions as static member functions of a UTF class template to circumvent prohibition of partial function specialization. *sigh* 8 months ago
  roker c0c278aad9 add u32string_view typedef. 8 months ago
  roker f5b13062c3 start to encapsulate the functions in a class, to avoid the prohibition of partial function specialization. 8 months ago
  roker f1179d91da move operations are 'noexcept'. implement copy_out() for stringpair and message. 8 months ago
  heck 5349d21158 Missing include 8 months ago
  roker c48088d788 add char* strdup_NFC(string_view s). FIXME: The more efficient implementation needs some more internal re-work, that's why this correct but stupid quick'n'dirty implementation is there for now. 8 months ago
  roker 5cdb6e3bdc add additional explicit template instantiations. :-/ 8 months ago
  roker f914202788 add identity_list* Wrapper<::identity_list*>::copy_out() 8 months ago
  roker 7973a9638b okay, we allow copying for all Wrapper where copy_out() is implemented. 8 months ago
  roker d965b3115b allow non-const access to wrapped type. Can be dangerous! USE WITH CAUTION! 8 months ago
  roker af5720bed0 add copy_out() to get a copy of the wrapped value. 8 months ago
  roker 5c399ab820 fix Wrapper<::message*>::_new() to use mime_decode_message() instead of a dummy. 8 months ago
  roker 5ffd66f169 fix the unittests for UTF-16 NFC tests 11 months ago
  roker d3747a8b1f add UTF-16 stuff, and try to re-use as much code as possible. 11 months ago
  roker 1a9c3fc1a8 implement parseUtf16(). 11 months ago
  roker b9a0dde181 add u16string_view. 11 months ago
  roker 57ee30017d test the wrapper for message. 11 months ago
  roker 2348e3a080 inherit from std::iterator<> to add some typedefs that make GNU G++ happy. Unfortunately, std::iterator<> is deprecated in C++17, for whatever reason. :-/ 11 months ago
  roker fea6876528 remove warning. :-D 11 months ago
  roker d36141f3b1 forgot Wrapper<pEp_identity*>::_new() and ~::free(). 11 months ago
  roker 8dd301c251 fix cut & paste errors, so the compiler is happy again. :) 11 months ago
  roker 9f2d01a2bf add identity & identity_list. 11 months ago
  roker 2e1241bb5f okay, ListWrapper<bloblist_t*, void> is a full specialization, so its members don't need "template<>". Clang++ did not tell me that, g++ did. But still bizarre somehow... 11 months ago
  roker 23d25ef428 G++ does not like "non-template functions as friends of class templates. So I change the operator== into member function. :-| 11 months ago
  roker 176d649476 add bloblist specialization. DOES NOT COMPILE, YET. 11 months ago
  roker 76ead4b179 add identity.cc I had fogotten. 11 months ago
  roker 801f23a746 uuuh... a const_cast would silent the compiler. hmm. 11 months ago
  roker cbbd03ae01 okay, if I change the value_type from 'char*' to 'const char*' I got other troubles there... *sigh* 11 months ago
  roker 16cf6ce9c3 add stringlist wrapper. 11 months ago
  roker b8529ff268 change return type. 11 months ago
  roker 555c3acd88 fix member functions 12 months ago
  roker 450acba1bc now the unittests compile. \o/ All declared functions & variables are defined. 12 months ago
  roker 8f86913011 implement missing member functions for StringPair and StringPairList. 12 months ago
  roker 2b41928f54 define a separate iterator type which can be copied easily and does not own the pointee. Add weird member pointer. \o/ 12 months ago
  roker 8c2cef7b27 okay, it does not work this way: iterators are copied often, but the main Wrapper<T> shall not be copyable. 12 months ago
  roker 0f8cdd048a add ListWrapper<T,E>. define StringPairList. 12 months ago
  roker 63cc9909a2 add default goal in Makefile. 12 months ago
  roker d52ed09280 add unittest_stringpair; fix linker errors. 12 months ago
  roker b8b855e075 add wrapper for stringpair_t 12 months ago
  roker 2a8fbafbb8 add operator""_sv(). 12 months ago
  roker c36701cdee generate_nfc_compose() is in namespace pEp. 12 months ago
  roker cf27e646b6 move nfc stuff into namespace pEp. 12 months ago
  roker 450275c71a add NFC functions from pEpMIME. 12 months ago
  roker 7f7198fb21 yay, template<> template<> does the trick! awesome syntax. 12 months ago
  roker fe88301c3b implement the wrapper for certain types. 12 months ago
  roker f98d163384 add Makefiles & Makefile.conf, stolen from libpEpAdapter. 12 months ago
  roker 6f4ac9e572 add operator""_CRLF() to ease definition of NET-ASCII/NET-Unicode test data strings. 1 year ago
  roker 57bbe558e4 change include guard to fulfill our coding style standard. :-) 1 year ago