14 Commits (97636fc2d06bcc3347fc8f406975c31506ac91ea)

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  roker 97636fc2d0 implement the C++20 methods. makes nfc_string a boost::totally_ordered2 with StringView. 9 months ago
  roker 8f75ed8ed9 implement more and more missing member functions of nfc_string. 9 months ago
  roker 86bfec58c7 single-char isNFC() removed. Makes no sense. Add freestanding operator+() for nfc_string 9 months ago
  roker f71397426b std::basic_string<CharT> has a FAT interface... I'll forward most of it to the embedded string. 9 months ago
  roker d8bcff63f3 make nfc_string complete... 9 months ago
  roker c81740b0e6 add class nfc_string 9 months ago
  roker 01941f70ad C++17 is minimum requirement now. So replace pEp::string_view with std::string_view etc. 9 months ago
  Volker Birk 2330093cff remove support for C++ < 17 and add more convenience functions 9 months ago
  roker 8205b7b9de bundle UTF handling functions as static member functions of a UTF class template to circumvent prohibition of partial function specialization. *sigh* 9 months ago
  roker f5b13062c3 start to encapsulate the functions in a class, to avoid the prohibition of partial function specialization. 9 months ago
  roker c48088d788 add char* strdup_NFC(string_view s). FIXME: The more efficient implementation needs some more internal re-work, that's why this correct but stupid quick'n'dirty implementation is there for now. 9 months ago
  roker d3747a8b1f add UTF-16 stuff, and try to re-use as much code as possible. 1 year ago
  roker cf27e646b6 move nfc stuff into namespace pEp. 1 year ago
  roker 450275c71a add NFC functions from pEpMIME. 1 year ago