A C++ wrapper for the basic C datatypes defined by the pEpEngine.
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roker 5cdb6e3bdc add additional explicit template instantiations. :-/ 11 months ago
Makefile add default goal in Makefile. 1 year ago
bloblist.cc remove warning. :-D 1 year ago
bloblist.hh remove warning. :-D 1 year ago
crlf.cc add operator""_CRLF() to ease definition of NET-ASCII/NET-Unicode test data strings. 1 year ago
crlf.hh implement the wrapper for certain types. 1 year ago
identity.cc add identity_list* Wrapper<::identity_list*>::copy_out() 11 months ago
nfc.cc add additional explicit template instantiations. :-/ 11 months ago
nfc.hh add UTF-16 stuff, and try to re-use as much code as possible. 1 year ago
nfc_sets.cc generate_nfc_compose() is in namespace pEp. 1 year ago
nfc_sets.hh add NFC functions from pEpMIME. 1 year ago
string_view.hh add u16string_view. 1 year ago
stringlist.cc uuuh... a const_cast would silent the compiler. hmm. 1 year ago
types.cc fix Wrapper<::message*>::_new() to use mime_decode_message() instead of a dummy. 11 months ago
types.hh fix cut & paste errors, so the compiler is happy again. :) 1 year ago
wrapper.hh okay, we allow copying for all Wrapper where copy_out() is implemented. 11 months ago