interfacing between transports written in different programming languages
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Dirk Zimmermann 8cd23fd574 Merge branch 'master' into IPS-9 8 months ago
Makefile IPS-9 Roll back changes to master 8 months ago
PEPTransportProtocol.h IPS-9 Don't use @import 8 months ago
Transport.kt Kotlin: add missing properties types 8 months ago
cc.tsc add transport: p≡p over SCTP 10 months ago
email.tsc make this consistant 10 months ago
gen_c.ysl2 Add function prototype to header file, otherwise useless. 8 months ago
gen_cs.ysl2 adding name of enum 10 months ago
gen_kotlin.ysl2 adding Kotlin 10 months ago
gen_objc.ysl2 IPS-9 Warning about file generation 8 months ago
gen_strings.ysl2 simpler 10 months ago
pdl.tsc generate header files for enums 10 months ago
rce.tsc generate C# 10 months ago
sctp.tsc IPS-9 SCTP error on receiving 8 months ago
transport.hh transport.hh - add constructor to ConfigError 8 months ago
transport_status_code.yml2 tranport_status_code.yml2 - improve doc 9 months ago