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  nkls 0fb3a4869b worked on logging 1 year ago
  nkls f1caaad87f simplified volumes, modified gnunet entrypoint script 1 year ago
  nkls 829d81e4ad fixed type in composefile 1 year ago
  nkls e89c726624 added peer data delete script 1 year ago
  nkls 72a6d2c2c8 fixed peer/mix identities 1 year ago
  nkls 93e9c2e3a8 all containers running with gnunet YAY 1 year ago
  nkls 004b43e147 added alice and bob 1 year ago
  nkls 1680c16796 added mixes n1-n3 1 year ago
  nkls 91f36125d7 added network for gnunet peers 1 year ago
  nkls 24c8ca29ca added 5 gnunet only peers 1 year ago
  nkls 6156b0d0f0 added slide 1 year ago
  nkls b29878aab0 turned off authority container 1 year ago
  nkls d737739f9f fixes in register.sh 1 year ago
  nkls 860284df52 minor modifications in register.sh 1 year ago
  nkls 3fba3c2d95 (kind of) finished mix registration test script 1 year ago
  nkls c87a6f4f99 added test scripts for mix registration and retrieval 1 year ago
  juga fc08d2340e Replace name and links 1 year ago
  juga 99635bb5aa Replace name to mixmailer 1 year ago
  juga e2cc2bf6c4 Add idea about retrieving all nodes in the mixnet 2 years ago
  juga 405ec6c74c Add documentation about GNS 2 years ago
  juga 7c340ee12a Update link to mixnet documentation 2 years ago
  juga c5aa0c7125 Add n2 container and try to get its records from n1 2 years ago
  juga d275085c28 Delegate also records from authority to n1 2 years ago
  juga c096137051 Set default identity for the namestore subsystem 2 years ago
  juga f309138867 Use env var for gnunet image 2 years ago
  juga d57df12c35 fix: CI: Build documentation 2 years ago
  juga 185efcff1f Update link to "canonical" issue tracker 2 years ago
  juga c79385f734 Update link to proposal documentation 2 years ago
  juga 23413c84e4 Merge pull request 'gns' (#15) from juga/pEpPythonMixnet:gns into master 2 years ago
  juga 02035134ea fix: doc: Document GNUnet GNS tests 2 years ago
  juga 24dab5a6c5 Add GNUnet docker services to test GNS 2 years ago
  dvn f310aeb881 Merge pull request 'nogpg' (#13) from juga/pEpPythonMixnet:nogpg into master 2 years ago
  juga 9a3dea8bb7 fix: Add or remove logs 2 years ago
  juga 557043c1d0 fix: cli: Exit when there is not recipient 2 years ago
  juga 1fe490c046 fix: client: Initialize cli vars 2 years ago
  juga 51b111cfe6 fix: CI: Call alice client with all the keys 2 years ago
  juga c263b5e58b fix: CI: Use the built image and pass env vars 2 years ago
  juga 5ef29513f5 fix: CI: Add key file arg to the remailer 2 years ago
  juga 563eb8e91f chg: Update to new python adapter version 2 years ago
  juga 83ddf8e519 chg: common: Stop creating gnupg home by default 2 years ago
  juga a4cb54ea8c Merge pull request 'delays' (#12) from juga/pEpPythonMixnet:delays into master 2 years ago
  juga e0e531b9b8 fix: CI: Clean more the docker image 2 years ago
  juga 4f619c67c7 chg: client, remailer: Add cli argument 2 years ago
  juga 1acab7ae72 fix: remailer: Change log msg 2 years ago
  juga c72abc4f1c fix: client: Change log msg 2 years ago
  juga 5beae57be8 new: client: Add the delay to the client 2 years ago
  juga 4a45a98a6c new: remailer: Add the delay to the remailer 2 years ago
  juga 7405bc9fb7 new: Add dummy delay function to "mix" messages 2 years ago
  juga 7aadfa5da1 chg: Add a settings singleton object 2 years ago
  juga ff3f0c06af Merge pull request 'gitlab-ci2' (#7) from juga/pEpPythonMixnet:gitlab-ci2 into master 2 years ago