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// pEpCOMServerAdapter.idl : IDL source for pEpCOMServerAdapter
// This file will be processed by the MIDL tool to
// produce the type library (pEpCOMServerAdapter.tlb) and marshalling code.
import "oaidl.idl";
import "ocidl.idl";
interface IpEpEngineCallbacks : IUnknown {
typedef [v1_enum] enum SyncHandshakeSignal {
SyncNotifyUndefined = 0,
// request show handshake dialog
SyncNotifyInitAddOurDevice = 1,
SyncNotifyInitAddOtherDevice = 2,
SyncNotifyInitFormGroup = 3,
// SyncNotifyInitMoveOurDevice = 4,
// handshake process timed out
SyncNotifyTimeout = 5,
// handshake accepted by user
SyncNotifyAcceptedDeviceAdded = 6,
SyncNotifyAcceptedGroupCreated = 7,
SyncNotifyAcceptedDeviceAccepted = 8,
// handshake dialog must be closed
// SyncNotifyOvertaken = 9,
// forming group
// SyncNotifyFormingGroup = 10,
3 years ago
SyncNotifyStart = 126,
SyncNotifyStop = 127,
// message cannot be sent, need passphrase
SyncNotifyPassphraseRequired = 128,
// notificaton of actual group status
SyncNotifySole = 254,
SyncNotifyInGroup = 255
} SyncHandshakeSignal;
[id(1)] HRESULT MessageToSend([in] struct TextMessage * msg);
[id(2)] HRESULT NotifyHandshake([in] struct pEpIdentity * self, [in] struct pEpIdentity * partner, [in] SyncHandshakeSignal signal);
interface IpEpEngine : IUnknown {
// runtime config of the adapter
[id(1)] HRESULT VerboseLogging([in] VARIANT_BOOL enable);
// runtime config of the engine
[id(2)] HRESULT PassiveMode([in] VARIANT_BOOL enable);
[id(3)] HRESULT UnencryptedSubject([in] VARIANT_BOOL enable);
// basic API
[id(4)] HRESULT ExportKey([in] BSTR fpr, [out, retval] BSTR * keyData);
[id(5)] HRESULT Log([in] BSTR title, [in] BSTR entity, [in, defaultvalue("")] BSTR description, [in, defaultvalue("")] BSTR comment);
[id(6)] HRESULT Trustwords([in] BSTR fpr, [in, defaultvalue("en")] BSTR lang, [in, defaultvalue(0)] LONG maxWords, [out, retval] BSTR * words);
[id(7)] HRESULT GetTrustwords([in] struct pEpIdentity * id1, [in] struct pEpIdentity * id2, [in, defaultvalue("en")] BSTR lang, [in, defaultvalue(0)] VARIANT_BOOL full, [out, retval] BSTR * words);
[id(8)] HRESULT GetCrashdumpLog([in, defaultvalue(0)] LONG maxlines, [out, retval] BSTR * log);
[id(9)] HRESULT GetEngineVersion([out, retval] BSTR * engineVersion);
[id(10)] HRESULT GetLanguageList([out, retval] BSTR * languages);
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpComType {
pEpCtUnknown = 0,
// range 0x01 to 0x09: no encryption, 0x0a to 0x0e: nothing reasonable
pEpCtNoEncryption = 0x01, // generic
pEpCtNoEncryptedChannel = 0x02,
pEpCtKeyNotFound = 0x03,
pEpCtKeyExpired = 0x04,
pEpCtKeyRevoked = 0x05,
pEpCtKeyB0rken = 0x06,
pEpCtMyKeyNotIncluded = 0x09,
pEpCtSecurityByObscurity = 0x0a,
pEpCtB0rkenCrypto = 0x0b,
pEpCtKeyTooShort = 0x0c,
pEpCtCompromised = 0x0e, // known compromized connection
pEpCtMistrusted = 0x0f, // known mistrusted key
// range 0x10 to 0x3f: unconfirmed encryption
pEpCtUnconfirmedEncryption = 0x10, // generic
pEpCtOpenPGPWeakUnconfirmed = 0x11, // RSA 1024 is weak
pEpCtToBeChecked = 0x20, // generic
pEpCtSMIMEUnconfirmed = 0x21,
pEpCtCMSUnconfirmed = 0x22,
pEpCtStrongButUnconfirmed = 0x30, // generic
pEpCtOpenPGPUnconfirmed = 0x38, // key at least 2048 bit RSA or EC
pEpCtOTRUnconfirmed = 0x3a,
// range 0x40 to 0x7f: unconfirmed encryption and anonymization
pEpCtUnconfirmedEncAnon = 0x40, // generic
pEpCtpEpUnconfirmed = 0x7f,
pEpCtConfirmed = 0x80, // this bit decides if trust is confirmed
// range 0x81 to 0x8f: reserved
// range 0x90 to 0xbf: confirmed encryption
pEpCtConfirmedEncryption = 0x90, // generic
pEpCtOpenPGPWeak = 0x91, // RSA 1024 is weak
pEpCtToBeCheckedConfirmed = 0xa0, // generic
pEpCtSMIME = 0xa1,
pEpCtCMS = 0xa2,
pEpCtStrongEncryption = 0xb0, // generic
pEpCtOpenPGP = 0xb8, // key at least 2048 bit RSA or EC
pEpCtOTR = 0xba,
// range 0xc0 to 0xff: confirmed encryption and anonymization
pEpCtConfirmedEncAnon = 0xc0, // generic
pEpCtpEp = 0xff
} pEpComType;
typedef enum pEpStatus {
pEpStatusOk = 0,
pEpInitCannotLoadGpgme = 0x0110,
pEpInitGpgmeInitFailed = 0x0111,
pEpInitNoGpgHome = 0x0112,
pEpInitNetpgpInitFailed = 0x0113,
pEpInitCannotDetermineGpgVersion = 0x0114,
pEpInitUnsupportedGpgVersion = 0x0115,
pEpInitCannotConfigGpgAgent = 0x0116,
pEpInitSqlite3WithoutMutex = 0x0120,
pEpInitCannotOpenDb = 0x0121,
pEpInitCannotOpenSystemDb = 0x0122,
pEpKeyNotFound = 0x0201,
pEpKeyHasAmbigName = 0x0202,
pEpGetKeyFailed = 0x0203,
pEpCannotExportKey = 0x0204,
pEpCannotEditKey = 0x0205,
pEpKeyUnsuitable = 0x0206,
pEpCannotFindIdentity = 0x0301,
pEpCannotSetPerson = 0x0381,
pEpCannotSetPgpKeypair = 0x0382,
pEpCannotSetIdentity = 0x0383,
pEpCannotSetTrust = 0x0384,
pEpKeyBlacklisted = 0x0385,
pEpCannotFindPerson = 0x0386,
pEpCannotFindAlias = 0x0391,
pEpCannotSetAlias = 0x0392,
pEpUnencrypted = 0x0400,
pEpVerified = 0x0401,
pEpDecrypted = 0x0402,
pEpDecryptedAndVerified = 0x0403,
pEpDecryptWrongFormat = 0x0404,
pEpDecryptNoKey = 0x0405,
pEpDecryptSignatureDoesNotMatch = 0x0406,
pEpVerifyNoKey = 0x0407,
pEpVerifiedAndTrusted = 0x0408,
pEpCannotDecryptUnknown = 0x04ff,
pEpTrustwordNotFound = 0x0501,
pEpTrustwordsFprWrongLength = 0x0502,
pEpTrustwordsDuplicateFpr = 0x0503,
pEpCannotCreateKey = 0x0601,
pEpCannotSendKey = 0x0602,
pEpPhraseNotFound = 0x0701,
pEpSendFunctionNotRegistered = 0x0801,
pEpContraintsViolated = 0x0802,
pEpCannotEncode = 0x0803,
pEpSyncNoNotifyCallback = 0x0901,
pEpSyncIllegalMessage = 0x0902,
pEpSyncNoInjectCallback = 0x0903,
pEpSequenceViolated = 0x0970,
pEpCannotIncreaseSequence = 0x0971,
pEpCannotSetSequenceValue = 0x0972,
pEpOwnSequence = 0x097f,
pEpSyncStatemachineError = 0x0980,
pEpSyncNoTrust = 0x0981,
pEpStatemachineInvalidState = 0x0982,
pEpStatemachineInvalidEvent = 0x0983,
pEpStatemachineInvalidCondition = 0x0984,
pEpStatemachineInvalidAction = 0x0985,
pEpStatemachineInhibitedEvent = 0x0986,
pEpCommitFailed = 0xff01,
pEpMessageConsume = 0xff02,
pEpMessageIgnore = 0xff03,
pEpRecordNotFound = -6,
pEpCannotCreateTempFile = -5,
pEpIllegalValue = -4,
pEpBufferTooSmall = -3,
pEpOutOfMemory = -2,
pEpUnknownError = -1,
pEpVersionMismatch = -7,
} pEpStatus;
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpIdentityFlags {
pEpIdfNone = 0,
pEpIdfNotForSync = 0x0001,
pEpIdfList = 0x0002,
pEpIdfDevicegroup = 0x0100
} pEpIdentityFlags;
[uuid(C3A3814E-567F-4D1C-9F44-9B1DA3957A89)] struct pEpIdentity {
BSTR Address;
BSTR UserId;
BSTR UserName;
pEpComType CommType;
BSTR Lang;
pEpIdentityFlags Flags;
[id(11)] HRESULT SetIdentityFlags([in] struct pEpIdentity *identity, [in] pEpIdentityFlags flags);
[id(12)] HRESULT UnsetIdentityFlags([in] struct pEpIdentity *identity, [in] pEpIdentityFlags flags);
// Keymanagement API
[id(13)] HRESULT StartKeyserverLookup();
[id(14)] HRESULT StopKeyserverLookup();
[id(15)] HRESULT Myself([in] struct pEpIdentity *ident, [out, retval] struct pEpIdentity *result);
[id(16)] HRESULT UpdateIdentity([in] struct pEpIdentity *ident, [out, retval] struct pEpIdentity *result);
[id(17)] HRESULT KeyMistrusted([in] struct pEpIdentity *ident);
[id(18)] HRESULT KeyResetTrust([in] struct pEpIdentity *ident);
[id(19)] HRESULT TrustPersonalKey([in] struct pEpIdentity *ident, [out, retval] struct pEpIdentity *result);
[id(20)] HRESULT OwnIdentitiesRetrieve([out, retval] SAFEARRAY(struct pEpIdentity)* ownIdentities);
// [id(21)] HRESULT UndoLastMistrust(); NOT IMPLEMENTED ANY MORE - USE KeyResetTrust() instead
[id(22)] HRESULT IspEpUser([in] struct pEpIdentity *ident, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *ispEp);
// Blacklist API
[id(23)] HRESULT BlacklistAdd([in] BSTR fpr);
[id(24)] HRESULT BlacklistDelete([in] BSTR fpr);
[id(25)] HRESULT BlacklistIsListed([in] BSTR fpr, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *listed);
[id(26)] HRESULT BlacklistRetrieve([out, retval] SAFEARRAY(BSTR) *blacklist);
// PGP compatibility functions
[id(27)] HRESULT OpenPGPListKeyinfo([in] BSTR searchPattern, [out, retval] SAFEARRAY(struct StringPair)* keyinfoList);
// Message API
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpRating {
pEpRatingUndefined = 0,
pEpRatingMistrust = -1,
pEpRatingB0rken = -2,
pEpRatingUnderAttack = -3
} pEpRating;
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpColor {
pEpColorNoColor = 0,
pEpColorRed = -1,
} pEpColor;
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpEncryptFlags {
pEpEncryptFlagDefault = 0,
pEpEncryptFlagForceEncryption = 0x1,
// This flag is for special uses and should not be used
// by normal pEp clients!
pEpEncryptFlagForceUnsigned = 0x2,
// This flag is for special uses and should not be used
// by normal pEp clients!
pEpEncryptFlagForceNoAttachedKey = 0x4,
//<2F>This is mainly used by pEp clients to send private keys to
// their own PGP-only device
pEpEncryptFlagForceVersion1 = 0x16
} pEpEncryptFlags;
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpDecryptFlags {
pEpDecryptFlagsNone = 0,
pEpDecryptFlagOwnPrivateKey = 0x1,
pEpDecryptFlagConsume = 0x2,
pEpDecryptFlagIgnore = 0x4,
pEpDecryptFlagSrcModified = 0x8,
pEpDecryptFlagUntrustedServer = 0x100,
pEpDecryptFlagDontTriggerSync = 0x200
} pEpDecryptFlags;
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpMsgDirection {
pEpDirIncoming = 0,
} pEpMsgDirection;
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpEncFormat {
pEpEncNone = 0, // message is not encrypted
pEpEncPieces, // inline PGP + PGP extensions
pEpEncSMime, // RFC5751
pEpEncPgpMime, // RFC3156
pEpEncPep, // pEp encryption format
pEpEncPgpMimeOutlook1 // Message B0rken by Outlook type 1
} pEpEncFormat;
[uuid(47FB0795-6B64-455C-BB0E-54998CAB8ACB)] struct StringPair {
BSTR Name;
BSTR Value;
[uuid(634EB7CE-99AA-460D-BDF8-F7CDA7232CA6)] struct Blob {
BSTR MimeType;
BSTR Filename;
[uuid(B6F40887-E761-4A47-B204-A0193EE0284D)] struct TextMessage {
pEpMsgDirection Dir;
BSTR ShortMsg;
BSTR LongMsg;
BSTR LongMsgFormatted;
SAFEARRAY(struct Blob) Attachments;
hyper Sent; // Timestamp: 64 Bit time_t from mktime(), seconds since January 1, 1970, 0:00 UTC.
hyper Recv; // Timestamp: 64 Bit time_t from mktime(), seconds since January 1, 1970, 0:00 UTC.
struct pEpIdentity From;
SAFEARRAY(struct pEpIdentity) To;
struct pEpIdentity RecvBy;
SAFEARRAY(struct pEpIdentity) Cc;
SAFEARRAY(struct pEpIdentity) Bcc;
SAFEARRAY(struct pEpIdentity) ReplyTo;
BSTR Comments;
SAFEARRAY(struct StringPair) OptFields;
pEpEncFormat EncFormat;
[readonly] BSTR SenderFpr;
[id(28)] HRESULT EncryptMessage(
[in, out] struct TextMessage *src,
[out] struct TextMessage * dst,
[in] SAFEARRAY(BSTR) extra,
[in, defaultvalue(pEpEncryptFlagDefault)] pEpEncryptFlags flags,
// Use pEpEncFormat.pEpEncNone for unencrypted, outgoing messages.
// Default is pEpEncFormat.pEpEncPep, all other formats are only
// for compatibility and not intended for normal use.
[in, defaultvalue(pEpEncPep)] pEpEncFormat encFormat);
[id(29)] HRESULT DecryptMessage(
[in, out] struct TextMessage *src,
[out] struct TextMessage * dst,
[in, out] SAFEARRAY(BSTR) *keylist,
[in, out] pEpDecryptFlags* flags,
[out, retval] pEpRating *rating);
[id(30)] HRESULT OutgoingMessageRating([in] struct TextMessage *msg, [out, retval] pEpRating * pVal);
[id(31)] HRESULT IdentityRating([in] struct pEpIdentity * ident, [out, retval] pEpRating * pVal);
[id(32)] HRESULT ColorFromRating([in] pEpRating rating, [out, retval] pEpColor* pVal);
[id(33)] HRESULT GetMessageTrustwords(
[in] struct TextMessage *msg,
[in] struct pEpIdentity * receivedBy,
[in] SAFEARRAY(BSTR) keylist,
[in, defaultvalue("en")] BSTR lang,
[in, defaultvalue(0)] VARIANT_BOOL full,
[out, retval] BSTR * words
[id(34)] HRESULT EncryptMessageForSelf(
[in] struct pEpIdentity* targetId,
[in] struct TextMessage* src,
[in] SAFEARRAY(BSTR) extra, // Fingerprints for extra keys for encryption.
[out] struct TextMessage* dst,
[in, defaultvalue(pEpEncryptFlagDefault)] pEpEncryptFlags flags
[id(35)] HRESULT ReEvaluateMessageRating(
[in, out] struct TextMessage *src,
[in] SAFEARRAY(BSTR) x_KeyList, // referring to X-KeyList mail header
[in] pEpRating x_EncStatus, // referring to X-EncStatus mail header
[out, retval] pEpRating *rating
// callback / keysync API
[id(36)] HRESULT RegisterCallbacks([in] IpEpEngineCallbacks* newCallback);
[id(37)] HRESULT UnregisterCallbacks();
// mark imported keys as trusted
[id(38)] HRESULT SetOwnKey(
[in] struct pEpIdentity * ident,
[in] BSTR fpr,
[out, retval] struct pEpIdentity * result
[id(39)] HRESULT EncryptMessageAndAddPrivKey(
[in] struct TextMessage *src,
[out] struct TextMessage * dst,
[in] BSTR to_fpr,
[in, defaultvalue(pEpEncryptFlagDefault)] pEpEncryptFlags flags,
// Use pEpEncFormat.pEpEncNone for unencrypted, outgoing messages.
// Default is pEpEncFormat.pEpEncPep, all other formats are only
// for compatibility and not intended for normal use.
[in, defaultvalue(pEpEncPep)] pEpEncFormat encFormat);
// Trigger an immediate update check.
[id(40)] HRESULT UpdateNow([in] BSTR productCode, [out] VARIANT_BOOL *didUpdate);
// Get a preview of the outgoint message rating
[id(41)] HRESULT OutgoingMessageRatingPreview([in] struct TextMessage *msg, [out, retval] pEpRating *rating);
// Trust own public key. To be used for manual key import.
[id(42)] HRESULT TrustOwnKey([in] struct pEpIdentity * ident);
// Engine startup and shutdown
[id(43)] HRESULT Startup();
// Get the rating for a specific key
[id(44)] HRESULT GetKeyRatingForUser([in] BSTR userId, [in] BSTR fpr, [out, retval] pEpRating *rating);
// Resets the database status for a key
[id(45)] HRESULT KeyResetIdentity([in] struct pEpIdentity ident, [in] BSTR fpr);
// Resets the default database status for the user / keypair provided
[id(46)] HRESULT KeyResetUser([in] BSTR userId, [in] BSTR fpr);
// revoke and mistrust all own keys, generate new keys for all own identities, and opportunistically communicate
// key reset information to people we have recently contacted.
[id(47)] HRESULT KeyResetAllOwnKeys();
// sync API
typedef [v1_enum] enum SyncHandshakeResult {
SyncHandshakeCancel = -1,
SyncHandshakeAccepted = 0,
SyncHandshakeRejected = 1
} SyncHandshakeResult;
[id(48)] HRESULT DeliverHandshakeResult([in] enum SyncHandshakeResult result, [in] SAFEARRAY(struct pEpIdentity) identities_sharing);
// Imports keys from data
[id(49)] HRESULT ImportKey([in] BSTR keyData, [out] SAFEARRAY(struct pEpIdentity)* privateKeys);
typedef [v1_enum] enum pEpCipherSuite {
pEpCipherSuiteDefault = 0,
pEpCipherSuiteCV25519 = 1,
pEpCipherSuiteP256 = 2,
pEpCipherSuiteP384 = 3,
pEpCipherSuiteP521 = 4,
pEpCipherSuiteRSA2K = 5,
pEpCipherSuiteRSA3K = 6,
pEpCipherSuiteRSA4K = 7,
pEpCipherSuiteRSA8K = 8
} pEpCipherSuite;
// Sets the cipher suite
[id(50)] HRESULT ConfigCipherSuite([in, defaultvalue(pEpCipherSuiteDefault)] pEpCipherSuite cipherSuite);
// Leave the device group
[id(51)] HRESULT LeaveDeviceGroup();
// Get Trustwords for a pair of fprs
[id(52)] HRESULT GetTrustwordsForFprs([in] BSTR fpr1, [in] BSTR fpr2, [in, defaultvalue("en")] BSTR lang, [in, defaultvalue(0)] VARIANT_BOOL full, [out, retval] BSTR * words);
// Get the comm type a bare key has
[id(53)] HRESULT GetKeyRating([in] BSTR fpr, [out, retval] pEpComType *commType);
// Decode a Sync message from PER into XER
[id(54)] HRESULT PERToXERSyncMessage([in] struct TextMessage *msg, [out, retval] BSTR *xer);
// Disable Sync for this identity
[id(55)] HRESULT DisableIdentityForSync([in] struct pEpIdentity * ident);
// Enable Sync for this identity
[id(56)] HRESULT EnableIdentityForSync([in] struct pEpIdentity * ident);
// Gets the directory where shared files are stored
[id(57)] HRESULT PerMachineDirectory([out, retval] BSTR *directory);
// Gets the directory for user files
[id(58)] HRESULT PerUserDirectory([out, retval] BSTR *directory);
// Converts a comm type to a pEp rating
[id(59)] HRESULT RatingFromCommType([in] pEpComType commType, [out, retval] pEpRating * rating);
// Gets if sync is enabled
[id(60)] HRESULT GetIsSyncRunning([out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *running);
// Shuts down sync
[id(61)] HRESULT ShutDownSync();
// Decodes a MIME message
[id(62)] HRESULT MIMEDecodeMessage([in] BSTR mimeText, [out, retval] struct TextMessage *msg);
// Encodes a MIME message
[id(63)] HRESULT MIMEEncodeMessage([in] struct TextMessage *msg, [in] VARIANT_BOOL omitFields, [out, retval] BSTR *mimeText);
// Configures a key passphrase for the current session
[id(64)] HRESULT ConfigPassphrase([in] BSTR passphrase);
// Passphrase enablement for newly-generated secret keys
[id(65)] HRESULT ConfigPassphraseForNewKeys([in] VARIANT_BOOL enable, [in] BSTR passphrase);
// Shows a notification in the notification tray
[id(66)] HRESULT ShowNotification([in] BSTR title, [in] BSTR message);
library pEpCOMServerAdapterLib
coclass pEpEngine {
[default] interface IpEpEngine;
interface IpEpEngineCallbacks;