p≡p COM server adapter
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#include "stdafx.h"
class CpEpCOMServerAdapterModule;
using namespace std;
namespace pEp {
#ifdef UNICODE
typedef wstring tstring;
typedef wregex tregex;
typedef wsmatch tsmatch;
typedef string tstring;
typedef regex tregex;
typedef smatch tsmatch;
class GateKeeper {
typedef pair<tstring, tstring> product;
typedef vector< product > product_list;
union aeskey_t {
uint8_t c_key[32];
uint16_t w_key[16];
uint32_t dw_key[8];
uint64_t qw_key[4];
GateKeeper(CpEpCOMServerAdapterModule * self);
CpEpCOMServerAdapterModule * const module() const
return _self;
void keep();
product_list registered_products();
bool update_product(product p, DWORD context = 0);
bool update_enabled();
void enable_update();
void disable_update();
void update_now();
void show_notification(tstring title, tstring text);
static GateKeeper *gatekeeper() { return the_gatekeeper; }
static const LPCTSTR plugin_reg_path;
static const LPCTSTR plugin_reg_value_name;
static const LPCTSTR updater_reg_path;
static const time_t cycle;
static const time_t fraction;
static const DWORD waiting;
static time_t time_diff();
void keep_plugin();
void execute_file(tstring filename);
string update_key();
BCRYPT_KEY_HANDLE delivery_key();
string wrapped_delivery_key(BCRYPT_KEY_HANDLE hDeliveryKey);
static tstring get_lockFile();
static GateKeeper *the_gatekeeper;
time_t now;
time_t next;
bool cu_open;
HKEY cu;
HKEY hkUpdater;
HINTERNET internet;
CpEpCOMServerAdapterModule * _self;