p≡p COM server adapter
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#pragma once
#include "LocalProvisioning.h"
#include <pEp/pEpEngine.h>
namespace pEp
#define MediaKeyRegKey _T("Software\\pEp\\Provisioning\\Mediakeys")
#define MediaKeyDir _T("Mediakeys")
/// <summary>
/// Manages importing and configuring media keys
/// See OUT-947,OUT-968,OUT-942,OUT-960
/// </summary>
class MediaKeyManager
inline static const std::wstring pubkey_filename = L"public_key.asc";
inline static const std::wstring privkey_filename = L"private_key.asc";
inline static const std::wstring pattern_filename = L"pattern.txt";
inline static const std::wstring stamp_filename = L"stamp.txt";
PEP_SESSION session;
pEp::utility::RegistryKey rk;
// Loads keys in a particular directory
void load_keys_in_dir(const std::filesystem::path& p);
// imports a PGP key
std::string import_media_key(const std::filesystem::path& p) const;
// trims space-characters from string
std::string trim_chars(const std::string& in, const std::string& chars = " \n\r\t\f\v") const;
// loads a text file into a string
std::string load_text_file_contents(const std::filesystem::path& p) const;
// saves stamp.txt for a particular key
void save_fpr_stamp(const std::filesystem::path& p, const std::string& fpr) const;
MediaKeyManager(PEP_SESSION session) noexcept : session(session), rk(MediaKeyRegKey)
/// <summary>
/// Imports keys found in %LOCALAPPDATA%\pEp\Provisioning\Mediakeys and adds necessary registry
/// keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\pEp\Provisioning\Mediakeys
/// </summary>
void ImportKeys();
/// <summary>
/// Configures keys found in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\pEp\Provisioning\Mediakeys
/// </summary>
void ConfigureMediaKeyMap() const;