make an RC (in fact just for Gernot to have a tag for testing doc generation)

ENGINE-1002--3.x Release_3.2.0-RC7
positron 1 year ago
parent 221908b41a
commit 0aab558e33

@ -36,9 +36,10 @@ extern "C" {
#define PEP_ENGINE_VERSION_PATCH 0 // the last already-released or
// being-released patchlevel,
// which must always be defined
#define PEP_ENGINE_VERSION_RC 6 // the last already-released RC for this
#define PEP_ENGINE_VERSION_RC 7 // the last already-released RC for this
// patchlevel, or not defined if not an RC
#define PEP_ENGINE_VERSION_PLUS + // Only defined for tagged versions
//#define PEP_ENGINE_VERSION_PLUS + // Only defined when the repo is in a
// non-released non-RC state.
/* The following macros serve to machine-generate a definition of
PEP_ENGINE_VERSION, following the correct format as a string, from the