more sample code for Nana ;-)

Volker Birk 4 years ago
parent 308c45c4b3
commit 1489963b58

@ -77,4 +77,5 @@ sync/.codegen

@ -1,12 +1,15 @@
all: basic_api.h
all: pEp.xml basic_api.h
%.xml: %.yml2
YML2=$(wildcard *.yml2)
YSL2=$(wildcard *.ysl2)
%.xml: %.yml2 $(YML2) $(YSL2)
yml2proc -P $< -o $@
%.xsl: %.ysl2
yml2proc -DP $< -o $@
%.h: %.yml2 pEp.yml2 gen_c_header.ysl2 to_c.ysl2
%.h: $(YML2) $(YSL2)
yml2proc -y gen_c_header.ysl2 pEp.yml2
.PHONY: clean

@ -14,9 +14,13 @@ type hex extends string > a-f0-9
type hash doc="32bit Key ID to SHA512 in hex"
extends hex min=16, max=128;
type hash_list doc="sequence of fingerprints of keys"
extends list< hash >;
type TID doc="UUID version 4 variant 1"
extends binary size=16;
enum comm_type {
hex unknown 0;

@ -7,62 +7,46 @@
// written by Volker Birk
struct message {
typedef enum _PEP_text_format {
PEP_text_format_plain = 0,
PEP_text_format_other = 0xff
} PEP_text_format;
typedef enum _PEP_msg_direction {
PEP_dir_incoming = 0,
} PEP_msg_direction;
typedef enum _PEP_enc_format {
PEP_enc_none = 0, // message is not encrypted
PEP_enc_pieces, // inline PGP + PGP extensions
PEP_enc_S_MIME, // RFC5751
PEP_enc_PGP_MIME, // RFC3156
PEP_enc_PEP, // pEp encryption format
PEP_enc_PGP_MIME_Outlook1 // Message B0rken by Outlook type 1
} PEP_enc_format;
struct _message_ref_list;
typedef struct _message {
PEP_msg_direction dir;
char *id; // UTF-8 string of message ID
char *shortmsg; // UTF-8 string of short message
char *longmsg; // UTF-8 string of long message
// (plain)
char *longmsg_formatted; // UTF-8 string of long message
// (formatted)
bloblist_t *attachments; // blobs with attachements
char *rawmsg_ref; // reference to raw message data
size_t rawmsg_size; // size of raw message data
timestamp *sent; // when the message is sent
timestamp *recv; // when the message is received
pEp_identity *from; // whom the message is from
identity_list *to; // whom the message is to
pEp_identity *recv_by; // via which identity the message
// is received
identity_list *cc; // whom a CC is being sent
identity_list *bcc; // whom a BCC is being sent
identity_list *reply_to; // where a reply should go to
stringlist_t *in_reply_to; // list of UTF-8 strings with
// MessageIDs of refering messages
struct _message *refering_msg_ref; // reference to refering message
stringlist_t *references; // list of UTF-8 strings with references
struct _message_ref_list *refered_by; // list of references to messages being
// refered
stringlist_t *keywords; // list of UTF-8 strings with keywords
char *comments; // UTF-8 string with comments
stringpair_list_t *opt_fields; // optional fields
PEP_enc_format enc_format; // format of encrypted data
} message;
protocol session {
method encrypt_message
doc="encrypt message in memory"
// parms
supply message src
message to encrypt - usually in-only, but can be in-out for
unencrypted messages; in that case, we may attach the key and
decorate the message
use hash_list extra doc="extra keys for encryption";
create message dst
pointer to new encrypted message or #NV if no encryption could
take place
use encformat format doc="encrypted format";
// flags
flags {
flag default 0x0;
flag force_encryption 0x1;
// exceptions
throws key_has_ambig_name
doc="at least one of the receipient keys has an ambiguous name";
throws unencrypted
on demand or no recipients with usable key, is left unencrypted,
and key is attached to it

@ -17,6 +17,26 @@ decl struct @name;
decl field @type @name;
decl hex is item (output=hex);
decl flag @name;
decl protocol @name;
decl method @name;
// use: readonly in param, ownership remains with caller
decl use @type @name (mode=use) alias parm;
// supply: inout param, ownership remains with caller
decl supply @type @name (mode=supply) alias parm;
// create: factory delivers this, ownership goes to caller
decl create @type @name (mode=create) alias parm;
// provide: in param, ownership goes to callee
decl provide @type @name (mode=provide) alias parm;
// return: out param, ownership goes to callee
decl return @type @name (mode=return) alias parm;
decl throws @except;
decl caveat(mode=caveat) alias doc;
package pEp {