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api/basic_api.yml2 View File

@ -7,116 +7,5 @@
// written by Nana Karlstetter and Volker Birk
type ISO639_1 is string size=2 > a-z
type hex is string > a-f0-9
type hash doc="32bit Key ID to SHA512 in hex"
is hex min=16, max=128;
type hash_list doc="sequence of fingerprints of keys"
is list< hash >;
type TID doc="UUID version 4 variant 1"
is binary size=16;
type blob_list is list< blob >;
type identity_list is list< identity >;
type string_list is list< string > ;
type string_pair is pair< string, string >;
enum comm_type {
hex unknown 0;
doc > range 0x01 to 0x09: no encryption, 0x0a to 0x0e: nothing reasonable
hex no_encryption 0x01 doc="generic";
hex no_encrypted_channel 0x02;
hex key_not_found 0x03;
hex key_expired 0x04;
hex key_revoked 0x05;
hex key_b0rken 0x06;
hex key_expired_but_confirmed 0x07
doc="NOT with confirmed bit. Just retaining info here in case of renewal.";
hex my_key_not_included 0x09;
hex security_by_obscurity 0x0a;
hex b0rken_crypto 0x0b;
hex key_too_short 0x0c;
hex compromised 0x0e doc="known compromised connection";
hex compromized 0x0e doc="deprecated misspelling";
hex mistrusted 0x0f doc="known mistrusted key";
doc > range 0x10 to 0x3f: unconfirmed encryption
hex unconfirmed_encryption 0x10 doc="generic";
hex OpenPGP_weak_unconfirmed 0x11 doc="RSA 1024 is weak";
hex to_be_checked 0x20 doc="generic";
hex SMIME_unconfirmed 0x21;
hex CMS_unconfirmed 0x22;
hex strong_but_unconfirmed 0x30 doc="generic";
hex OpenPGP_unconfirmed 0x38 doc="key at least 2048 bit RSA or EC";
hex OTR_unconfirmed 0x3a;
doc > range 0x40 to 0x7f: unconfirmed encryption and anonymization
hex unconfirmed_enc_anon 0x40 doc="generic";
hex pEp_unconfirmed 0x7f
hex confirmed 0x80 doc="this bit decides if trust is confirmed";
doc > range 0x81 to 0x8f: reserved
doc > range 0x90 to 0xbf: confirmed encryption
hex confirmed_encryption 0x90 doc="generic";
hex OpenPGP_weak 0x91 doc="RSA 1024 is weak (unused)";
hex to_be_checked_confirmed 0xa0 doc="generic";
hex SMIME 0xa1;
hex CMS 0xa2;
hex strong_encryption 0xb0 doc="generic";
hex OpenPGP 0xb8 doc="key at least 2048 bit RSA or EC";
hex OTR 0xba;
doc > range 0xc0 to 0xff: confirmed encryption and anonymization
hex confirmed_enc_anon 0xc0 doc="generic";
hex pEp 0xff
} // enum comm_type
struct identity {
field string address doc="SMTP address or URI";
field hash fpr doc="fingerprint of key being used as ID";
field string user_id doc="ID for person or entity in M2M case";
field string username doc="descriptive string";
field ISO639_1 lang doc="two-digit language code or null bytes";
flags {
flag not_for_sync 0x0001
doc="don't use this identity for Sync";
flag list 0x0002
doc="identity of list of persons";
doc | the second octet flags are calculated
flag devicegroup 0x0100
doc="identity of a device group member"
} // struct Identity

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api/keymanagement_api.yml2 View File

@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ protocol session {
// parms
supply identity identity
supply identity ident
identity of local user
both .address and .user_id must be set.

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api/message_api.yml2 View File

@ -80,6 +80,8 @@ struct message {
field string comments doc='string with comments';
field stringpair_list opt_fields doc='optional fields';
field enc_format format doc='format of encrypted data';
new (msg_direction dir);
@ -249,8 +251,8 @@ protocol session {
private key was imported for one of our addresses (NOT trusted
or set to be used - handshake/trust is required for that)
flag decrypt_flag_consume 0x2 doc=used by sync';
flag decrypt_flag_ignore 0x4 doc=used by sync';
flag decrypt_flag_consume 0x2 doc='used by sync';
flag decrypt_flag_ignore 0x4 doc='used by sync';
flag decrypt_flag_src_modified 0x8
indicates that the src object has been modified. At the moment,

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api/pEp.yml2 View File

@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ decl hex is item (output=hex);
decl flag @name;
decl protocol @name;
decl method @name;
decl construct, new is construct;
// use: readonly in parm, ownership remains with caller
decl use @type @name (mode=use) alias parm;