ENGINE-836: handle enomem return from elect_pubkey

parent e1ab12e744
commit 2b4f0761b9

@ -804,7 +804,13 @@ DYNAMIC_API PEP_STATUS update_identity(
// * create identity with user_id, address, username
// (this is the input id without the fpr + comm type!)
elect_pubkey(session, identity, false);
// the only non-OK status which must be addressed here
// (and is possible) is PEP_OUT_OF_MEMORY. This function will
// disappear in the next release, so we check for this and
// handle it explicitly.
status = elect_pubkey(session, identity, false);
if (status == PEP_OUT_OF_MEMORY)
goto enomem;
// * We've already checked and retrieved
// any applicable temporary identities above. If we're