Fixed decoder generation to create decoder that fails when entire blob isn't consumed (or on other failure), indicating an illegal message

pull/61/head Release_2.1.50
Krista Bennett 2 years ago
parent c581e82f4d
commit 3395670650

@ -124,8 +124,14 @@ tstylesheet {
*msg = NULL;
«@name»_t *_msg = NULL;
uper_decode_complete(NULL, &asn_DEF_«@name», (void **) &_msg, data, size);
if (!_msg)
asn_dec_rval_t rval = uper_decode_complete(NULL, &asn_DEF_«@name», (void **) &_msg, data, size);
// N.B: If you plan on having messages were the full message isn't consumed by decoding here,
// then please look into uper_decode_complete; we still may get a message, even if to contains
// nothing. RC_FAIL is an obvious case, but we also need to fail if RC_WMORE is the code, especially
// if rval.consumed == 0. Volker, please look into this and decide what you want.
if (!_msg || rval.code != RC_OK)
return PEP_«yml:ucase(@name)»_ILLEGAL_MESSAGE;
*msg = _msg;