removing comment, which is not true any more

Volker Birk 3 years ago
parent f5aec6d120
commit bf825cd941

@ -512,8 +512,6 @@ static PEP_STATUS prepare_updated_identity(PEP_SESSION session,
// We patch the DB with the input username, but if we didn't have
// one, we pull it out of storage if available.
// (also, if the input username is "anonymous" and there exists
// a DB username, we replace)
if (!EMPTYSTR(stored_ident->username)) {
if (!EMPTYSTR(return_id->username) &&
(strcasecmp(return_id->username, return_id->address) == 0)) {
@ -675,8 +673,7 @@ DYNAMIC_API PEP_STATUS update_identity(
// FIXME: should we also be fixing pEp_own_userId in this
// function here?
// if usernames match, we replace the userid. Or if the temp username
// is anonymous.
// if usernames match, we replace the userid.
// FIXME: do we need to create an address match function which
// matches the whole dot-and-case rigamarole from
if (EMPTYSTR(this_id->username) ||