further clarify documentation of myself()

Gernot Kranz 8 months ago
parent dc502ca3cb
commit c8de82b96f

@ -112,7 +112,8 @@ DYNAMIC_API PEP_STATUS update_identity(
* retrieve the key set as default key for the given identity in the database,
* which may have been set up by myself(), or which were imported
* during a first time DB setup from an OpenPGP keyring (compatibility only).
* This function generates a keypair on demand (ie. if no valid keypair is found);
* If no valid keypair for the given identity is found, a new one will be
* generated and set up as default key
* because it's synchronous it can need a decent amount of time to return
* @warning if you need to do this asynchronous, you need to return an identity
* with retrieve_next_identity() where pEp_identity.me is true