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Krista Bennett 2 years ago
parent 0bfcff3749
commit ecdad1f192

@ -152,8 +152,13 @@ tstylesheet {
*msg = NULL;
«@name»_t *_msg = NULL;
uper_decode_complete(NULL, &asn_DEF_«@name», (void **) &_msg, data, size);
if (!_msg)
asn_dec_rval_t rval = uper_decode_complete(NULL, &asn_DEF_«@name», (void **) &_msg, data, size);
// N.B: If you plan on having messages were the full message isn't consumed by decoding here,
// then please look into uper_decode_complete; we still may get a message, even if to contains
// nothing. RC_FAIL is an obvious case, but we also need to fail if RC_WMORE is the code, especially
// if rval.consumed == 0. Volker, please look into this and decide what you want.
if (!_msg || rval.code != RC_OK)
return PEP_«yml:ucase(@name)»_ILLEGAL_MESSAGE;
*msg = _msg;

@ -226,6 +226,8 @@ TEST_F(ElevatedAttachmentsTest, check_encrypt_decrypt_message) {
msg->shortmsg = strdup("Yo Bob!");
msg->longmsg = strdup("Look at my hot new sender fpr field!");
// Volker: This is a sloppy way to test - it got processed as a real distribution message because data has meaning
// and happily exposed a bug in your generation code, but... well, you know better :)
const char *distribution = "simulation of distribution data";
msg->attachments = new_bloblist(strdup(distribution), strlen(distribution)
+ 1, "application/pEp.distribution", "distribution.pEp");