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Add build instructions with homebrew and LXML debugging tip

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@ -6,10 +6,9 @@ See CC_BY-SA.txt -->
# Build instructions for macOS Sierra
# Installing packaged dependencies
You will find instructions for using either Macports or Homebrew below to install the compile-time dependencies.
## MacPorts
MacPorts is needed to install some compile-time dependencies.
Install MacPorts according to the instructions found [here](
Ensure that Macports' binary paths (`/opt/local/bin` and `/opt/local/sbin`) are in your `PATH` environment variable.
@ -32,8 +31,38 @@ Ensure that `python` is Python 2.7:
sudo port select python python27
## Homebrew
Install Homebrew according to the instructions found [here](
Ensure that Homebrew's binary path (`/usr/local/bin`) is in your `PATH` environment variable.
# general
brew install mercurial
# YML2
# If you don't have pip with your Python 2 distribution, you can install it with brew
brew install python
pip2 install --user lxml
# libetpan
brew install git autoconf automake libtool
# asn1c
brew install asn1c
# engine
brew install gpgme
# Installing unpackaged dependencies
## YML2
To check if lxml is properly installed, you can use this lxml "hello world" command:
python2 -c 'from lxml import etree; root = etree.Element("root"); print(root.tag)'
It should generate the following output:
mkdir -p ~/code/yml2