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  darthmama c940a8c1bb Merge pull request 'MACOSINST-26 take over build-mac related changes from Release_2.1' (#43) from buff/pEpEngine:master into master 4 months ago
  Andreas Buff 176c57cd3f MACOSINST-26 take over build-mac related changes from Release_2.1 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett e856ec80c3 Merge branch 'ENGINE-633' of https://gitea.pep.foundation/darthmama/pEpEngine into ENGINE-633 4 months ago
  Volker Birk bfd4713d3c sample target code 4 months ago
  Volker Birk 2cd53655e7 publish import_key_with_fpr_return() 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 5f5d1f7b37 ENGINE-633: Force DB upgrade to message version 2.1 for all pEp partners and 2.2 for all non-group own identities 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett fb39ee55c5 Merge branch 'master' into ENGINE-633 4 months ago
  Volker Birk f1b6dd8c9a update to Sequoia openpgp/v1.3.0 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 5a770088f7 ENGINE-633: converted upstream test cases - those that fail I expect to fail right now because we're fixing the spec 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 182c7572dd Merge branch 'ENGINE-633' of https://gitea.pep.foundation/pEp.foundation/pEpEngine into ENGINE-633 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett bbfc9f3392 Committing to merge 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett c816b8f3dd ENGINE-633: massive test refactor 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 1728de4927 Refactored default mail generation to make it more maintainable 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 6a5f270468 ENGINE-633: shut define off 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 7e93106bb6 ENGINE-633: test email generation fixes and additional test cases 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 9f1324bf75 ENGINE-633: default key import tests evolution 4 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer dfb08ebcda z/OS support: Fix compilation errors 4 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer c88bd9c438 z/OS support: Cleaning up 4 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer d1d2f5ca33 z/OS support: No threads for now 4 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer c48f1ad010 z/OS support: Make env 4 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer a430fdd644 z/OS: support fix linking 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 0bbb43dfd6 Downgraded the C++17 inline var to an acceptable C++14 equivalent 4 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer 15c7ec7b73 z/OS support: fix isspace issue 4 months ago
  Krista Bennett 59b3d16849 A whole bunch of canonical emails generated with various target pEp versions and open PGP - intentionally broken files are in *wrong*.eml 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 52ddb9d36d Probably committing a whole lot of C++ sins, but preset was bugging me. Still not sure about that inline static object array. Will fix later. 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 46c2df4785 Refactored test_utils name. 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 4db5c9dfc7 Tests: make setting fpr an explicit choice for the new world order in preset-world 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 7ee519f457 ENGINE-928: fixed test assumptions 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett c0d9704475 ENGINE-928: Ported set_comm_partner_key() from Release_2.1 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett ab3a47cb4d Return list end as intended in stringlist_get_tail (oops, thanks Roker for the catch 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 9033abdf83 ENGINE-633: Need to commit rather than stash for reasons. Commit may not compile. Changes are on the UpdateID tests, which need a full overhaul. 5 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer b1a6e790df z/OS: Support 9 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer 026cf763fb z/OS support: Adding missing functions for z/OS 9 months ago
  David Lanzendörfer de2ef3057f z/OS support: Introducing OS/390 detection 9 months ago
  Nana 484897a18c Merge branch 'master' into generate_api 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 5a5dc6f9b8 ENGINE-633: Update identity test: fixed test assumptions (set key, group 1: PEP_KEY_UNSUITABLE -> PEP_STATUS_OK) 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett f7764a1ab0 ENGINE-633: Fixed old message api test assumptions 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett bfdf72e8a8 ENGINE-633: Default from tests fixed as far as they go (they were clearly left incomplete, so that's next on TODO) 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett d92c94f197 ENGINE-633: fixed test assumptions - Message2_1Test 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett db75524d48 ENGINE-633: fixed test assumptions - MessageTwoPointOhTest 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 57c5cac48a ENGINE-633: fixed default setting of header keys in OpenPGP messages 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 2ce7baab83 ENGINE-633: Fixed error with update_identity - now, if a default key is unsuitable and there is no other available key in the trust db (meaning it's been assigned as a default at some time) for this identity, we return no key, PEP_ct_key_not_found, and PEP_STATUS_OK, *not* PEP_KEY_UNSUITABLE, since there is no key returned. key-related functions will still return that status. 5 months ago
  Devan Carpenter a4594a7ffc CI: share build scripts between distros 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett de876f5fad ENGINE-633: fixed some clear bugs not in the master branch. I don't even wanna know - likely from my initial pass where I thought these were inevitable effects of key election removal. Now fixed with expected behaviours 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett fc0376f3ec ENGINE-633: ElevatedAttachmentsTest update_identity assumption fixed 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett ee7e277f03 ENGINE-633: Engine704Test update_identity assumption fixed 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 0007053431 ENGINE-633: correct update_identity assumptions in RevokeRegenAttachTest - TODO: someone come back and check on this, because I think it's leftovers from the before-key-reset days 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 246c5ca50d ENGINE-633: correct update_identity assumptions in Engine463Test - set defaults 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 960b8914e7 ENGINE-633: correct update_identity assumptions in EncryptMissingPrivateKeyTest - set defaults 5 months ago
  Krista Bennett 2bf76b3120 ENGINE-633: correct update_identity assumptions in EncryptMissingPrivateKeyTest 5 months ago