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Dirk Zimmermann a096af1d43 IPS-67 Add PIdentityList to asn1 project 1 year ago
Dirk Zimmermann 59a4117bd3 IPS-67 Add PIdentity to asn1 project 1 year ago
Dirk Zimmermann cc7f44e38e Merge branch 'master' into IPS-67 1 year ago
positron f1632b7c10 temporarily undo the changes in ENGINE-959: some other projects are not up to date yet 1 year ago
Dirk Zimmermann 045eb593aa IPS-67 Put this into a system header 1 year ago
Dirk Zimmermann dc5e9ee816 IPS-67 Make PIdentity.h (asn1) includable inside the engine 1 year ago
Dirk Zimmermann 5115440a1f IPS-67 Copy transport_status_code.h 1 year ago
positron 8dc19b3627 DEPENDENCIES: bump required yml version
Even if the engine could live with 2.7.0, the latest libpEpTransport needs 2.7.1.
Let us use it.  Also add libpEpTransport as a dependency, even if the automatic
gitlab build system does not support it yet.
1 year ago
positron 80218ef444 Merge branch 'ENGINE-953' 1 year ago
positron f89446ef06 ENGINE-968: change ASN.1 representation of identities, ASN.1 map, test suite 1 year ago
Volker Birk 840fa041f3 change of ASN1Message to make fpr, username, lang optional in PIdentity 1 year ago
positron 60784d28a6 Merge branch 'ENGINE-619' 1 year ago
positron abf7de218e add a test case file that I had forgotten long ago 1 year ago
positron 7e96b15e82 undo Volker's previous change 1 year ago
Volker Birk 5781e4d0bf change of ASN1Message to make fpr, username, lang optional in PIdentity 1 year ago
positron 0a36edc769 fix the test suite after incompatible API changes 1 year ago
positron 91d20667e6 remove the rating field from the ASN.1 representation of messages
I thought the new field needed to be serialised, but I was wrong.  Too bad.
1 year ago
positron aacb352faa message struct: add rating field
Add the new rating field to the ASN.1 representation as well (I am about to
discover, in a forthcoming commit, that that is in fact a stupid decision).

Move the rating enum definition from message_api.h to pEpEngine.h in order to
make it accessible from message.h .  This is temporary anyway: the new rating
engine is coming.

Remove the rating output parameter from decrypt_message.  This will temporarily
break *everything*!
1 year ago
positron f006a4d4ea fix factoring macro
_update_state_for_ident_list was not always called with the same last parameter.
order to relay it to _update_state_for_ident_list like the original unfactored
code did.  I do not fully understand this part, but did not mean to change it.
1 year ago
positron 8e9197fd4b encrypt_message: fix semantics, after factoring
...Semantics change in decrypt_message:

After factoring the code to fit my smaller mental capacity I noticed that in
case of _status being one of PEP_PASSPHRASE_REQUIRED,
went to the pEp_error label but in the end returned PEP_STATUS_OK.

I assume this was not intended.  Simplify further, using status in the place
of _status.  Nothing seems to break.
1 year ago
positron 7425e6b0bd encrypt_message: do not disallow Bcc even when To and/or Cc are also present; factor
Instead of bragging about code duplication in comments, factor.

Apart from the change in Bcc handling, this keeps the current semantics...  (See
next commit)
1 year ago
positron 98cbcb32ae cosmetic change 2 years ago
positron 268d987365 fix ENGINE-964: it turns out that the new behaviour was already intended, but there was a bug
myself behaved differently when value of identity->username was "", rather than NULL.
2 years ago
Dirk Zimmermann 1ae3d10737 IPS-9 Wording 2 years ago
Dirk Zimmermann 8e31df21c2 IPS-9 Derive from existing constant 2 years ago
Dirk Zimmermann 964e335736 IPS-9 Increase asn.1's stack limits for asan 2 years ago
positron d3328ec683 Merge branch 'ENGINE-956' 2 years ago
positron 18e5676b4a remove warning print, which ended up appearing more often than I had anticipated 2 years ago
positron 8403dbfb58 test suite LDLIBS: link with libpthread on GNU/Linux
I needed this after some package updating on my distribution.  It is harmless
anyway, even where not needed.
2 years ago
positron ed75ed1319 new RC, just to set PEP_ENGINE_VERSION_RC correctly
Add comment.  Intentionally skip one version in the definition.
2 years ago
positron 7d20dba1a1 Merge pull request 'zos_support2' (#62) from leviathan/pEpEngine:zos_support2 into master
Reviewed-on: #62
2 years ago
David Lanzendörfer acbbf1db83 Merge branch 'master' of into zos_support2 2 years ago
Volker Birk 42a702610b using transport status code 2 years ago
Volker Birk d4763df3a6 adding growing_buf.h to the installed headers 2 years ago
positron 9d8de49383 when uninstalling headers, actually only remove our ones; minor makefile factoring
It would be possible to install every header under src/ using a wildcard
expansion, but Volker confirms that we may want to keep internal headers which
are not installed.
2 years ago
positron b0b3862b79 obvious fix for ENGINE-962 2 years ago
Volker Birk b11a1d55ef deliver rating for sent messages 2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 482bf39497 CI: make build jobs much faster
All jobs were running as docker image builds inside of KVMs. Now the
first build job runs as a regular job inside the docker image generated
in the dependencies stage. This reduces the initial build jobs to around
1 minute, down from 10~ minutes.

The jobs building the docker images have been moved into their own
seperate stage which only runs if the first quick builds succeed.
2 years ago
positron 9e7a1109cd ENGINE-619: add test case 2 years ago
positron 2e934f3706 ENGINE-958: test suite change: redefine ASSERT_OK 2 years ago
positron 8bc79db685 ENGINE-558: scan from_address right-to-left searching for '@'
This should be enough to solve the problem.
2 years ago
positron f36a23a50d ENGINE-957: fix off-by-one bug in the test suite
Make the found array have 4 elements instead of 3.

src/ warning: iteration 3 invokes undefined behavior [-Waggressive-loop-optimizations]
 2489 |         found[i] = false;
      |         ~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~
src/ note: within this loop
 2488 |     for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
      |                     ~~^~~
2 years ago
positron ea414ac15f 956: remove debugging prints, improve comments, fix the test suite (!)
Fix some test suite failures due to subtle interactions with the debugging
prints I forgot to remove.  Add a some important comments and a few minor
cosmetic improvements.
2 years ago
positron 3095f39fec fix ENGINE-956
It is now possible to use shell environment variables in PER_USER_DIRECTORY and
PER_MACHINE_DIRECTORY, expanded at *run* time.  This is meant to allow more
freedom to the deployment engineer, without affecting development.  Notice that,
when PER_USER_DIRECTORY and PER_MACHINE_DIRECTORY are defined in the Makefile,
dollar signs must be escaped (a dollar becomes a double dollar) because of
*make* syntax: this has nothing to do with pEp engine code.
Expansion follows the Unix shell $VARIABLE syntax: ${VARIABLE} is not supported.
See _expand_variables.

src/platform_unix.c contained some duplicated logic about caching path results
into static variables; this change set would have added to the complexity by
calling the new path expansion function, in many different places.  Seize the
occasion for factoring.

Do not change the meaning of PER_USER_DIRECTORY yet; I would like to do it,
since it is confusing and inconsistent with per_user_directory
(PER_USER_DIRECTORY is a relative path on Unix, while per_user_directory is
absolute), but the actual semantics with respect to $HOME and $PEP_HOME is
complicated and I do not want to break it.
New API function per_user_relative_directory.

Remove the ugly "reset" argument from unix_local_db (which was conditionally
defined according to NDEBUG!), used to force path re-computation in the test
suite after changing an environment variable so as to work in a new "home"
directory.  In the place of this reset argument add clear API functions to the
engine for handling the cache.
My quick grapping and IRC interaction confirm that nobody was using the
functionality out of the engine test suite.  Adapt the test suite to use the new

Tentatively add caching and expansion functionality to android_system_db as well.
2 years ago
positron 7e039df16a remove keyserver lookup
Remove keyserver functionality in keymanagement.c and in the API, including
now useless callbacks.
2 years ago
Volker Birk 92fffebb8c Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 2 years ago
Volker Birk 02b9afda5a adding SCTP transport 2 years ago
positron 5f24d32130 remove distracting log line from generated code 2 years ago
positron c3797c3ccd fix minor memory leak: free session->curr_passphrase at session closing
Another leak, much more complex and difficult to reproduce, remains.  See
_do_full_reset_on_single_own_ungrouped_identity in src/key_reset.c .
2 years ago
Krista Bennett 6039b10ca5 Fixed decoder generation to create decoder that fails when entire blob isn't consumed (or on other failure), indicating an illegal message 2 years ago