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* add NEWS file
* add release script (for the Engine maintainer): the Engine version is now in a
machine-generated file src/pEpEngine_version.h
* Merge pull request 'PEMA-41 Make the ObjC adapterbuild for iOS agains the
latest engine (master/v3.2.0-RC11)' (#92) from dirk/pEpEngine:PEMA-41 into
* handle_pong: fix bug preventing notification from being called, reported by
Alex Sualdea
* Merge pull request 'PEMA-103-hotfix' (#88) from
TSaschabc/pEpEngine:PEMA-103-hotfix into master
* Update sqlite amalgamation to 3.40.0
* add the new pEp_log functionality -- notice that some platform code is
UNTESTED; I am waiting for feedback from platform maintainers;
* add the new pEp_debug functionality;
* convert existing code to use the new logging and debugging functionality;
* set_debug_color: remove DYNAMIC_API function.
* log_event, log_service, _service_error_log: remove DYNAMIC_API functions,
replaced by the new log functionality in src/pEp_log.h; I could re-implement
the old functions based on the new API if people want that, but using the API
From this point on we consistently adopt the new naming scheme for tags: we
start the tag name with "v" instead of "Release_".
* fix compilation on windows (probably: untested).
* BUILD: Fix - Effectively add include and lib dir from local.conf' (#82)
* unfinished debug / log changes
* (broken on windows)
No complete change log for this RC, the first in the 3.x series to be actually
used. The most important change from 2.x is Key-Election Removal; the list of
other changes (but not the changes themselves) is now lost.
* Switch from the old Sequoia-FFI to pEpEngineSequoiaBackend;
* Distribution.Echo protocol, ported from 2.x;
* Media keys, ported from 2.x;
This is a list of changes since Autumn 2022. We did not formally keep track of
changes older than that, and in particular the changes from v2 to v3 are too
numerous to list.
Newer changes are at the top of this file.