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#pragma once
#include "pEpEngine.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
// mime_encode_text() - encode a MIME message
// parameters:
// plaintext (in) plaintext of message as UTF-8 string
// htmltext (in) optional HTML version of message as UTF-8
// string or NULL if it does not apply
// resulttext (out) the resulting encoded text
// return value:
// PEP_STATUS_OK if everything worked
// PEP_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL if encoded message size is too big to handle
// if there are issues with temp files; in
// this case errno will contain the underlying
// error
// PEP_OUT_OF_MEMORY if not enough memory could be allocated
// caveat:
// the resulttext will go to the ownership of the caller; plaintext
// and htmltext will remain in the ownership of the caller
DYNAMIC_API PEP_STATUS mime_encode_text(
const char *plaintext,
const char *htmltext,
char **resulttext
#ifdef __cplusplus