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* @file transport.h
* @brief transport structs
* @license GNU General Public License 3.0 - see LICENSE.txt
#include "pEpEngine.h"
#include "message.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* @enum PEP_transport_id
* @brief TODO
typedef enum _PEP_transport_id {
// auto transport chooses transport per message automatically
PEP_trans_auto = 0,
// PEP_trans_Email = 0x01,
// PEP_trans_RCE = 0x02,
PEP_trans_CC = 0xfe
} PEP_transport_id;
// transports are delivering the transport status code
// this is defined here:
typedef uint32_t PEP_transport_status_code;
typedef struct _PEP_transport_t PEP_transport_t;
// functions offered by transport
typedef PEP_STATUS (*startup_transport_t)(PEP_transport_t *transport,
PEP_transport_status_code *tsc);
typedef PEP_STATUS (*shutdown_transport_t)(PEP_transport_t *transport,
PEP_transport_status_code *tsc);
typedef PEP_STATUS (*sendto_t)(PEP_SESSION session, message *msg,
PEP_transport_status_code *tsc);
typedef PEP_STATUS (*recvnext_t)(PEP_SESSION session, message **msg,
PEP_transport_status_code *tsc);
// callbacks
typedef PEP_STATUS (*signal_statuschange_t)(PEP_transport_id id,
PEP_transport_status_code tsc);
typedef PEP_STATUS (*signal_sendto_result_t)(PEP_transport_id id, char *message_id,
char *address, PEP_transport_status_code tsc);
// call this to receive signals
// this function does not terminate until shutdown of the transport
typedef PEP_STATUS (*notify_transport_t)(signal_statuschange_t status_change,
signal_sendto_result_t sendto_result);
* @struct _PEP_transport_t
* @brief TODO
struct _PEP_transport_t {
PEP_transport_id id; // transport ID
const char *uri_scheme; // URI scheme this transport is
// covering
// functions offered by transport
startup_transport_t startup;
shutdown_transport_t shutdown;
sendto_t sendto;
recvnext_t recvnext;
notify_transport_t notify;
bool is_online_transport;
bool shortmsg_supported;
bool longmsg_supported;
bool longmsg_formatted_supported;
PEP_text_format native_text_format; // native format of the transport
extern PEP_transport_t transports[PEP_trans__count];
typedef uint64_t transports_mask;
#ifdef __cplusplus