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# Copyright 2017, pEp Foundation
# This file is part of pEpEngine
# This file may be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3
# see LICENSE.txt
include ../Makefile.conf
.PHONY: db
db: system.db
DICOS = $(wildcard *.csv)
# The 'mv' keeps a backup db around
system.db: create_system_db.sql $(DICOS)
-mv -f $@ $@~
sqlite3 -batch $@ < $<
for c in $(DICOS) ; do echo "$$c" ; echo .import "$$c" wordlist | sqlite3 -batch -csv $@ ; done
.PHONY: install
install: system.db
mkdir -p `dirname $(SYSTEM_DB)`
cp system.db $(SYSTEM_DB)
.PHONY: clean
rm -f system.db system.db~