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# This file is under GNU General Public License 3.0
# see LICENSE.txt
include ../Makefile.conf
ALL_SOURCE=$(subst $(NO_SOURCE),,$(wildcard *.c))
ALL_OBJECTS=$(subst .c,.o,$(ALL_SOURCE))
.PHONY: all clean install uninstall
all: Sync.c Distribution.c Storage.c
$(MAKE) libasn1.a
libasn1.a: $(ALL_OBJECTS)
$(AR) -rc $@ $(ALL_OBJECTS)
%.o: %.c %.h
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) $(OPTIMIZE) $(ASN1C_INC) -c $< -o $@
Sync.c: sync.asn1 keysync.asn1 trustsync.asn1 groupsync.asn1 pEp.asn1
$(ASN1C) -gen-PER -fincludes-quoted -fcompound-names -pdu=auto pEp.asn1 keysync.asn1 trustsync.asn1 groupsync.asn1 $<
rm -f converter-sample.c
touch Sync.c
Distribution.c: distribution.asn1 keyreset.asn1 managedgroup.asn1 exploration.asn1 pEp.asn1
$(ASN1C) -gen-PER -fincludes-quoted -fcompound-names -pdu=auto pEp.asn1 keyreset.asn1 managedgroup.asn1 exploration.asn1 $<
rm -f converter-sample.c
touch Distribution.c
Storage.c: storage.asn1 messagestorage.asn1 pEp.asn1
$(ASN1C) -gen-PER -fincludes-quoted -fcompound-names -pdu=auto pEp.asn1 messagestorage.asn1 $<
rm -f converter-sample.c
touch Storage.c
rm -f *.a *.o *.c *.h *.sample sync.asn1 keysync.asn1 trustsync.asn1 groupsync.asn1 distribution.asn1 keyreset.asn1 managedgroup.asn1 exploration.asn1 storage.asn1 messagestorage.asn1
tags: $(wildcard *.c) $(wildcard *.h)
ctags --sort=yes *.c *.h