Have the engine pass the size of stringpair_t and stringpair_list_t.

- stringpair_t and stringpair_list_t will be needed by the
    implementation of pgp_list_keyinfo.
Neal H. Walfield 2 years ago
parent 5474745a9b
commit 5e8b09843d

@ -216,7 +216,9 @@ ffi!(fn pgp_init_(session: *mut Session, _in_first: bool,
string_list_item_size: c_uint,
pep_identity_size: c_uint,
pep_identity_list_item_size: c_uint,
timestamp_size: c_uint)
timestamp_size: c_uint,
_stringpair_size: c_uint,
_stringpair_list_size: c_uint)
-> Result<()>
use std::mem::size_of;
@ -242,7 +244,8 @@ ffi!(fn pgp_init_(session: *mut Session, _in_first: bool,
assert_eq!(pep_identity_size as usize, size_of::<PepIdentity>());
assert_eq!(pep_identity_list_item_size as usize, size_of::<PepIdentityListItem>());
assert_eq!(timestamp_size as usize, size_of::<Timestamp>());
// assert_eq!(stringpair_size as usize, size_of::<StringPair>());
// assert_eq!(stringpair_list_size as usize, size_of::<StringPairList>());
let session = Session::as_mut(session);