A backend for the p≡p Engine built on Sequoia. CI: https://pep-security.lu/gitlab/cid/mirrors/pEpEngineSequoiaBackend/-/pipelines
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This library provides an implementation of the p≡p Engine's cryptotech interface using Sequoia.


You need at least version 1.60 of rustc and cargo.

You can build this library as follows:

$ git clone https://gitea.pep.foundation/pEp.foundation/pEpEngineSequoiaBackend.git
$ cd pEpEngineSequoiaBackend
$ mkdir -p /tmp/pep_engine_sequoia_backend
$ CARGO_TARGET_DIR=/tmp/pep_engine_sequoia_backend cargo build # Add --release for a release build
$ CARGO_TARGET_DIR=/tmp/pep_engine_sequoia_backend cargo test

This will generate, among others /tmp/pep_engine_sequoia_backend/debug/pep_engine_sequoia_backend.pc. This can be used to easily link to the library in place. That is, no installation is required.

Hence to build and test the engine, we can do:

$ cd ~/src/pEpEngine
$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/tmp/pep_engine_sequoia_backend/debug${PKG_CONFIG_PATH+:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH}
$ make
$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(for p in $(pkg-config pep_engine_sequoia_backend --libs-only-L); do echo ${p#-L}; done | paste -sd ':')${LD_LIBRARY_PATH+:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH} RUST_BACKTRACE=1 make -C test test

Of course when installing the engine, we'll need to distribute the generated library.

Note: when profiling the library (or doing a release), be sure to build in release mode! That is, build the library with cargo build --release and replace debug with release in the second set of commands.

When built in debug mode, the library always generates trace output. If you encounter problems in release mode, you can get a trace of the library's execution by setting the PEP_TRACE environment variable. For example:

$ cd ~/src/pEpEngine/test
$ PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/tmp/pep_engine_sequoia_backend/debug${PKG_CONFIG_PATH+:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH} LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(for p in $(pkg-config pep_engine_sequoia_backend --libs-only-L); do echo ${p#-L}; done | paste -sd ':')${LD_LIBRARY_PATH+:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH} PEP_TRACE=1 ./EngineTests -- --gtest_filter=DeleteKeyTest.check_delete_single_pubkey