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heck 434b65aabf Merge pull request 'Android build: Apply nettle 3.7.3 patch' (#8) from android-nettle-update into Release_2.1 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 92b6dc1bd3 Android build: Apply nettle 3.7.3 patch 2 years ago
heck 088b5c13af Test: Update JNI-153 2 years ago
heck c20c5c4ef3 Test: KeyPair is pEp specific 2 years ago
heck 7e09cb029b Test: Update CTXMultiNode 2 years ago
heck 93ebe8fb6a Test: Update CTXBase 2 years ago
heck fbade42ae9 Test: PityTest - Make model generic 2 years ago
heck fb7e0614b8 Test: PityTest - Add sync/async transport with plugin processing (enc/dec) 2 years ago
heck 71aee755f2 Test: PityTest print the full stacktrace please 2 years ago
heck 456368e104 remove sequoia dep, this needs to be defined in pEpEngine, no transitive dependecies in here. 2 years ago
heck 10b5f9772f Merge pull request 'android-build update to use jni adapter 2.1.25' (#7) from android-build into Release_2.1 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem c2ffa0932f Android build: Update engine version on 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 6ec17e8a62 Android build: update sequoia version to openpgp/v1.1 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 16ded797b7 Android build: Remove sequoia build files on make clean-all 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 89a2d93214 Android build: Add external .gitignore file 2 years ago
heck 7bd53bcf8a Merge branch 'Release_2.1' of into Release_2.1 2 years ago
heck 5e624dfdca pEpEngine=Release_2.1.33 2 years ago
heck 8403f77185 Merge branch 'JNI-153' - Tests only, bug has been fixed in the engine (ENGINE-923) 2 years ago
heck 2d0b9bd2d8 pEpEngine=Release_2.1.30 2 years ago
heck 14038e6aaa Tests: Add test JNI-153 - implement/emulate pEp4FM threading model 2 years ago
heck 273193ddd9 Tests: Add test JNI-153 - "'malloc_consolidate(): invalid chunk size' after receiving message from 'mistrusted' identity" 2 years ago
heck 5c64bb184d Tests: CTXBase - update for refined TestModel 2 years ago
heck 926db0ae25 Tests: TestModel - refine 2 years ago
heck 5492cfa44e Tests: All tests, temporarily disable remote debugger 2 years ago
heck 7ca56f9ed7 Tests: FSMQManager - throw only RuntimeExceptions, not higher 2 years ago
heck a0d9f0d076 Tests: Make tests work without setting .user_id or .me (on any Role) 2 years ago
heck f8bea1a38e Tests: Migrate CTXBase to use the new TestModel (compatible) 2 years ago
heck 78afe89d97 Tests: TestModel - Add class TestModel 2 years ago
heck d3285e60ea Tests: TestModel - Add class TestKeyPair 2 years ago
heck f113f69c8e Tests: TestModel - Add class TestNode 2 years ago
heck d65268e814 Tests: TestModel - Add class TestIdentity 2 years ago
heck 6e63ae980a Tests: TestModel - Add emum Node 2 years ago
heck 5e43980b80 Tests: TestModel - Add emum Role 2 years ago
heck 8dded68651 Tests: TestModel - Add emum KeyType 2 years ago
heck ea973561f8 Tests: Build - Fix missing $(JAVAC) 2 years ago
heck 486b4fab93 Merge branch 'android-build' into Release_2.1 2 years ago
Devan Carpenter bba09a450f CI: use multi-stage build to reduce image size 2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 961528551f
CI: keep build source in resulting docker images 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 435f03de5f
Android: Remove GnuPG implementation leftovers 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 4c1b935803
Android: Update engine version code 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 04b328c9bb
Android-build: Fix libGmp md5sum 2 years ago
heck 03e050dc8a pEpEngine=Release_2.1.27 2 years ago
Devan Carpenter e2d01b50e0
CI: don't install jdk 11 for java8 build 2 years ago
heck aff1e37a1b pEpEngine=Release_2.1.25 2 years ago
heck a043196dcf pEpEngine=Release_2.1.24 2 years ago
heck 0a2eb5b875 pEpEngine=Release_2.1.23 2 years ago
heck ad9643795a libpEpAdapter=Release_2.1.18 2 years ago
heck 698e27c842 Tests: ASCII generator WIP 2 years ago
Devan Carpenter 79aa46ce11
CI: build libpEpAdapter ourselves 2 years ago
heck 9a78d1084b PityTest: new class SlowFilteredNoise 2 years ago