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Hussein Kasem 4abc35c17c JNI-120 Android build: Update referenced Engine version 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 3546afd50f Android build: Update build.gradle to not parallel build JNI generated code 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 04b4a303a8 JNI-120 Android build: Upgrade Sequpoia depedencies (Gmp, Nettle and OpenSSL). 2 years ago
Hussein Kasem 15b9fe1062 JNI-120 Android build: Update sequoia version and use rust nightly
Currently is needed to use rust nightly to cross-build the latest sequoia version for Android.

Before building again is needed to run, on the build machine:
    rustup default nightly
    rustup update nightly
    rustup component add rust-src
    rustup target add aarch64-linux-android armv7-linux-androideabi i686-linux-android x86_64-linux-android
2 years ago
heck 58c629f4b7 Added tag Release_2.2.0-RC0 for changeset 78c45109ef6f 3 years ago
heck 5a11b89546 This is maintenance branch for Release_2.1.0 (see 3 years ago
heck abe3be0015 Added tag Release_2.1.0 for changeset 5d4ad9577e68 3 years ago
heck 9eb92f27b6 no explicit toString() values for enum Rating 3 years ago
heck 9b4662f322 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC16 for changeset 238d9f1ce2fc 3 years ago
heck 3f57838c73 and replace the hardcoded prototype with the appropriate vars 3 years ago
heck 59cc0b4596 fix javah (still works on debian jdk8u265-b01 at least) 3 years ago
heck 6d43f1745f added build option: USE_JAVAH - explicitly enable/disable use of javah over javac -h (if autodetect doesnt work correctly) 3 years ago
heck 4528f3ddf3 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC15 for changeset f7f71b953273 3 years ago
heck 9586c9d0dc javah, fix build using java 8 (javah instead of javac -h) 3 years ago
heck a1afc04f9b Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC14 for changeset fd93edee3198 3 years ago
heck d1d55dd3f8 merge in JNI-119 3 years ago
heck 35861db3b7 Tests: Add JNI-119 - enter_device_group() 3 years ago
heck 5070920c81 Add enter_device_group() 3 years ago
heck 356689ccb7 merge in JNI-118 3 years ago
heck 6346f86484 Test: JNI-118 added to main test Makefile 3 years ago
heck bf886a2afb Tests: regression, fix re_evaluate_message_rating(), move repetition into contexts 3 years ago
heck 611e06ba47 Test: JNI-118 basic 3 years ago
heck 3cfe31f3e4 PityTest: TestUnit fix bug, not displaying exception on CTX_FAIL 3 years ago
heck fc40f29be2 PityTest: TestContext.init() return "this", so you can chain calls. 3 years ago
heck 969267d21d PityTest.TestUtils - add randomInt(), and randomASCIIString() featuring CharClass and len 3 years ago
heck 3028e1af4f Tests: vStr and vID not basic enough for AdapterBaseTestContext (formatting of interface, just formatting) 3 years ago
heck c843a3a30e Tests: Add speedtest to Main test Makefile 3 years ago
heck 7f2391ad60 PityTest Framework improvements:
- copy constructor for TestUnit, so you can add the same TestUnit multiple times, with e.g. different context
- TestUnit.setContext() so you can add the same TestUnit multiple times, with e.g. different context
- TestUnit throws RuntimeException instead of Throwable
3 years ago
heck 41eb100c96 .toStrin() for the 2 independent Pair classes (PityTest framework should not depend on jniAdapter) 3 years ago
heck 3334007c6f Add "public String Identity.toXKeyList(List<Identity> ids)" for creating OptField X-KeyList 3 years ago
heck 29705b4756 Add the Enum default method getInternalStringValue() when "has_int_str_val" is set (TODO: Query this using XPath, fdik how do i do this? in ysl2?) 3 years ago
heck c0e2a91578 CodeGen: New enhanced enums, now all enums got .toString(), all enums can have .getInternalStringValue() (This was needed to avoid mapping table in the app, for "casting" Ratings to Engine internal string values for X-Opts .e.g) 3 years ago
heck 05e6884917 Add Java Remote Debugger to tests. 3 years ago
heck f48ff02e24 update SpeedTest: decrypt_message_Return not an inner class anymore 3 years ago
heck 49caf7eccc replace the rest of javac invocations with $(JAVAC_CMD) 3 years ago
heck 242bdb073c And suddenly my linux box javac needs "-encoding UTF-8", well, cant hurtbeing explicit about that in general. 3 years ago
heck 42321eb752 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC13 for changeset c9c4a76bd662 3 years ago
heck bccb7c6c97 merge in JNI-106 - Java Interfaces And Project Structure 3 years ago
heck 9a2c6d9bd2 move AutoCloseable to top level interface AbstractEngineInterface 3 years ago
heck 432bb50dc5 sensible build defaults 3 years ago
heck 1f95274051 remove stale file from merge 3 years ago
heck 175519edd2 merge in default branch 3 years ago
Hussein Kasem c1fc4fb5ca JNI-106 Android build: update to use current Makefile and api. 3 years ago
heck 476011d774 use passphraseWrap() in CodeGen template too. 3 years ago
heck e08a6d78f8 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC12 for changeset 5d4ad9577e68 3 years ago
heck 817860186f Merge in JNI-114 (new callback param PassphraseType) 3 years ago
heck 5f85c064a1 just cosmetics 3 years ago
heck 438d1a6232 Add comipler optimization -O3 to release build 3 years ago
Hussein Kasem 5fe48c91f5 JNI-114 Add PassphraseType to the passphraseCallback 3 years ago
heck a6602b8ad7 fixed speedtest for multithreaded benchmark 3 years ago