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p≡p JNI Adapter

Please find the complete build instructions here: https://dev.pep.foundation/Common%20Adapter%20Documentation/Adapter_Build_Instructions

Build Result

The binary package resulting from the build will be located under ./dist. It merely contains:

  • pEp.jar - The java library
  • libpEpJNI.dylib - The dynamically linkable native library
  • libpEpJNI.a - The statically linkable native library

Build Configuration

The build configuration file is called local.conf. Use the file local.conf.example as a template.

cp local.conf.example local.conf

Then, tweak it to your needs.

Make Targets

The default make target is compile.


  • make compile
    Builds the whole adapter under ./build. The complete distribution ready adapter will be in ./dist.


  • make test
    Builds the complete test-suite under ./test.


  • make install Installs the files under ./dist under $PREFIX (local.conf)

  • make uninstall Removes all the filenames under ./dist from $PREFIX (local.conf)


In order to generate the API doc you need to have doxygen installed on your system.

  • make doc
    Generates Java and C++ API doc.

  • make doc-cxx
    Generates the API doc for the C++ part of the adapter.

  • make doc-java
    Generates the API doc for the Java part of the adapter.


  • make clean
    Deletes all the derived objects of the adapter build in ./build and ./dist. Also invokes make clean which cleans the whole test-suite. Does not remove the generated API doc.

  • make clean-doc
    Removes all the generated API doc.

  • make clean-all
    Equals make clean and make clean-doc