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#include <string>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <iosfwd>
enum class IsNFC
No=0, // contains a character that cannot occur in NFC
Maybe=1, // contains a character that is only allowed in certain positions in NFC
Yes=2 // contains no invalid or partially valid character
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& o, IsNFC is_nfc);
class illegal_utf8 : public std::runtime_error
illegal_utf8(const std::string& s, unsigned position, const std::string& reason);
explicit illegal_utf8(const std::string& message);
// scans the char sequences and parses UTF-8 sequences. Detect UTF-8 errors and throws exceptions.
uint32_t parseUtf8(const char*& c, const char* end);
// throws illegal_utf8 exception if s is not valid UTF-8
void assert_utf8(const std::string& s);
// creates an NFD u32string from UTF-8 input string s
std::u32string fromUtf8_decompose(const std::string& s);
// convert NFD to NFC
std::u32string createNFC(std::u32string nfd_string);
// return No or Maybe, if at least one character with NFC_Quickcheck class is "No" or "Maybe"
// might throw illegal_utf8 exception
IsNFC isNFC_quick_check(const std::string& s);
// runs first quick check and a deep test if quick check returns "Maybe".
bool isNFC(const std::string& s);
// converts a C++ string (in UTF-8) into NFC form
// s is ''moved'' to the return value if possible so no copy is done here.
std::string toNFC(std::string s);