emit old, compatible API version number when Enigmail-2.0-compat mode is set

Roker 5 years ago
parent 251d7348cd
commit 181b73872c

@ -67,7 +67,12 @@ static const std::string VersionName =
//const ServerVersion sv(0,14,0); // JSON-75: incompatible behavior of daemonize() especially in MS Windows
//const ServerVersion sv(0,15,0); // JSON-92: API CHANGE.
//const ServerVersion sv(0,15,1); // JSON-92 again: Change "keylist" in (MIME_)decrypt_message() from Out to InOutP. Is a compatible API change for JSON/JavaScript due to the handling of output parameters. :-)
const ServerVersion sv(0,14,1); // JSON-97 : make MIME_decrypt_message() API-compatible with pre-JSON-92's changes for Enigmail 2.0
const ServerVersion sv(0,15,2); // JSON-93 InLength<> is a compatible API change, because length parameter is still there but ignored. :-)
#endif // ENIGMAIL_2_0_COMPAT
} // end of anonymous namespace