Changed condition to `*rating < PEP_rating_reliable` since that's the determining factor for not encrypting.

Jörg Knobloch 2 years ago
parent d540dff2e1
commit 5f16970cd0

@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ PEP_STATUS outgoing_message_rating_with_partner_info(PEP_SESSION session, messag
// Nota bene: outgoing_message_rating calls update_identity() on every recipient,
// but these changes in their identities are not given back to the JSON-RPC clients.
PEP_STATUS status = outgoing_message_rating(session, msg, rating);
if(*rating == PEP_rating_unencrypted)
if(*rating < PEP_rating_reliable)
// if mail would be sent unencrypted, we also cannot encrypt/protect the subject,
// so handle it the same way as if there were non-pEp recipients.