move to_json_object() and from_json_object() into separate header file.

Roker 5 years ago
parent 807e1978ad
commit 8953fa912b

@ -1,42 +1,23 @@
#include "pep-types.hh"
#include "pep-utils.hh"
#include "json_spirit/json_spirit_utils.h"
#include "pep-utils-json.hh"
#include <pEp/pEp_string.h>
#include <iostream> // Just to print debug stuff to std::cerr
#include "base64.hh"
using pEp::utility::from_json_object;
using pEp::utility::to_json_object;
// fetch a member from the given object, if set. (return a sensible NULL/default value if not)
template<class T, js::Value_type VALUE_TYPE>
T from_json_object(const js::Object& obj, const std::string& key)
const auto v = find_value(obj, key);
if(v.type() == js::null_type) return T{};
if(v.type() == VALUE_TYPE) return from_json<T>(v);
throw std::runtime_error("JSON object has a member for key \"" + key + "\""
" with incompatible type " + js::value_type_to_string( v.type())
+ " instead of expected type " + js::value_type_to_string(VALUE_TYPE)
std::string base64_from_json_object(const js::Object& obj, const std::string& key)
const std::string b64String = from_json_object<std::string, js::str_type> (obj, key);
return base64_decode(b64String);
template<class T>
void to_json_object(js::Object& obj, const std::string& key, const T& value)
obj.emplace_back( key, js::Value( to_json<T>(value) ));
void to_base64_json_object(js::Object& obj, const std::string& key, char *value, size_t size)
if(value != nullptr && size>0)