JSON-20 Change the order of 2 void* parameters… *sigh* who designed such interfaces? –.–

Roker 6 years ago
parent 8a74086b30
commit cb08017d9d

@ -578,7 +578,8 @@ PEP_STATUS JsonAdapter::notifyHandshake(void* obj, pEp_identity* self, pEp_ident
int JsonAdapter::injectSyncMsg(void* obj, void* msg)
// BEWARE: msg is 1st parameter, obj is second!!!
int JsonAdapter::injectSyncMsg(void* msg, void* obj)
JsonAdapter* ja = static_cast<JsonAdapter*>(obj);
return ja->i->injectSyncMsg(msg);

@ -54,7 +54,9 @@ public:
static PEP_STATUS messageToSend(void* obj, message* msg);
static PEP_STATUS notifyHandshake(void* obj, pEp_identity* self, pEp_identity* partner, sync_handshake_signal signal);
static int injectSyncMsg(void* obj, void* msg);
// BEWARE: msg is 1st parameter, obj is second!!!
static int injectSyncMsg(void* msg void* obj);
static void *retrieveNextSyncMsg(void* obj, time_t* timeout);
static void *syncThreadRoutine(void* arg);