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buff 0f20204fa0 close branch 2 years ago
buff 77746bf097 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC17+MakefileFix for changeset dac68b75f1ec 2 years ago
buff a9f13836b8 JSON-182 fixes iconv symbols not found by using MakeFile of Release_2.1.0-RC14 2 years ago
Roker 5329f9505c bump server version to "(47a) Erfurt-Ost" 2 years ago
Roker 12850cbf93 JSON-179: be more robust for malformed/unusual data 2 years ago
Roker 79e64b6504 Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC16 for changeset 5380ce502b28 2 years ago
Roker 7911864c2b merge JSON-172 "hang in ./server/ void wrapLongLine" into default 2 years ago
Roker 8919f7381a close branch before commit. 2 years ago
Roker 061e5e8d12 merge 'default' into this - somewhat older - branch to see whether it makes troubles somewhere... 2 years ago
Roker 87476e99c1 dump blob's disposition, escape non-ASCII characters in blob values properly. 2 years ago
Roker 93891d8042 oops, msg->comments is just a 'const char*' (which might be NULL), not a stringlist_t. 2 years ago
Roker 694f555742 okay, to_json<> crashes, so I dump the struct message manually. *sigh* 2 years ago
Roker 90a0535b2d ENGINE-864 : accept command line arguments, not only stdin. makes run in debugger easier. 2 years ago
Roker 794cb051b7 use nfc.o from pEpMIME when compiling against pEpMIME, or my own one when using libetpan. 2 years ago
Roker 50954530ee ENGINE-864: use identical nfc.hh and that uses string_view as in pEpMIME. 2 years ago
Roker 75c4afc924 ENGINE-864 -> add switch for libetpan (default) vs. libpEpMIME (MIME_LIB=pEpMIME). 2 years ago
Roker 9d9d7d0355 add parse_mail to test the MIME parser library easily. 2 years ago
Roker 298f50af2a reorder static libraries, fix CXX flags etc. 2 years ago
Roker 61426e2533 merge JSON-160 (the "[[]]" bug) into default. 2 years ago
Roker 4064aeff24 close branch before merge. 2 years ago
Roker 02b8739b2c remove that HACK 2 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 1b40b835f0 okay, for whatever reasons, initializing via (t) works, but {t} does not work on gcc & MSVC. Very bizarre! 2 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 6d94321e0d okay, Out<js::Array>.to_json() seems to be buggy! 2 years ago
Lars Rohwedder aa1c1b8f48 merge 'default' into 'JSON-160' 2 years ago
Roker 82ee32582b limit the rewind to maximum sequence_length of 8. If longer, the string is not valid UTF-8, so undo the rewind and write out the string as-is. 2 years ago
Roker 459236a4d7 dont run into endless loop when a long line consists only of non-ASCII (and therefore multibyte UTF-8 sequences) characters. 2 years ago
Roker 821f3bd059 change unittest_logger 2 years ago
Roker c6a7be4a54 with non-ASCII characters the problem occurs in the unittest_logger, too! 2 years ago
Roker 20ff1e0c2d start branch JSON-172 "hang in ./server/ void wrapLongLine()" 2 years ago
Roker f4a489e0e7 mention Debian 10. Remove libevent, add 'webserver'. Add a warning box that the Makefile configuration no longer works as before. :-/ Thanks to Marcel! 2 years ago
Lars Rohwedder a75b1df29e add -static to Makefile.linux. hm, I did this already before, but it vanished mysteriously... 2 years ago
Lars Rohwedder aff633909d Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC15 for changeset 3fbef79722a1 2 years ago
Lars Rohwedder c0b0243db5 merge double head. 2 years ago
Roker ef652cc77c add a dummy type that wraps js::Object to allow pretty-print output in GTest. *sigh* 2 years ago
Jorg Knobloch 37ee8b8bf5 Make __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ compile: -D__PRETTY_FUNCTION__=__FUNCSIG__ 2 years ago
Jorg Knobloch 702a0847cf Added Windows project file to build unit test 2 years ago
Roker ffaa448b0d add test for RPC functions returning json_spirit::Array. Works as expected on MacOS. 2 years ago
Roker c6740e6c09 merge JSON-156 "Implement session management in JSON adapter" finally into default branch. 2 years ago
Roker 3f78ca1b0e close branch JSON-156 before merge into default. 2 years ago
Roker 137dffff4c fix unittest that crashes due to bad static initialization and lock hazzles... 2 years ago
Roker 97492fcb8a remove the try to test FuncCache<> template, because it does not compile, yet. 2 years ago
Roker 1a82b268d9 merge 'default' into JSON-156 to look for merge conflicts... 2 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 39d38494e4 merge double head 3 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 47a210788a add the last missing pieces. 3 years ago
Roker c3c9ada689 add the last missing libraries. NOW IT COMPILES AND LINKS! :-D 3 years ago
Roker 37ccd5c3aa start to develop a Makefile.Linux specially to build a statically linked mini-adapter for Debian10 GNU/Linux system. 3 years ago
Roker 4e1c179581 add boost::beast::http filter to crashview.js 3 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 95ac081de6 add Makefile.Linux specific to compile on Debian10 GNU/Linux system. 3 years ago
Thomas 28b19ee41f Add reference to pEpEngine in Windows libpEpwebserver project 3 years ago
Roker d0cad293fe Added tag Release_2.1.0-RC14 for changeset 5023c057076d 3 years ago