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  roker c00f1b320c Merge pull request 'build system: replace -lsequoia_openpgp_ffi with -lpep_engine_sequoia_backend' (#11) from JSON-203 into master 5 days ago
  roker db54a48305 Merge pull request 'JSON-202 bump version number' (#10) from JSON-202 into master 5 days ago
  roker 5c18538d26 Merge branch 'master' into JSON-202 5 days ago
  Luca Saiu 4e31b429e4 build system: replace -lsequoia_openpgp_ffi with -lpep_engine_sequoia_backend 6 days ago
  Luca Saiu 0da54e85eb changed API version scheme: add comment 2 months ago
  Luca Saiu 1facb442c1 JSON-202 bump version number 2 months ago
  roker e5bd4a0b9e Merge pull request 'JSON-200 fix obvious bug' (#9) from JSON-200 into master 2 months ago
  Luca Saiu 4a05aa6a81 JSON-200 fix obvious bug 2 months ago
  roker 653dfd406c Merge pull request 'JSON-198' (#8) from JSON-198 into master 2 months ago
  Luca Saiu c2483cf1e9 make the message rating field (from ENGINE-959) a scalar, for consistency 2 months ago
  Luca Saiu 2503654ab6 encode and decode new rating field, as JSON scalar (thanks to Jörg), adapting to ENGINE-959 2 months ago
  roker 1f58059fd3 Merge pull request 'JSON-199: restore compatibility with the latest libpEpAdapter' (#5) from JSON-199 into master 2 months ago
  Luca Saiu 75e0d03d2a JSON-199: restore compatibility with the latest libpEpAdapter 2 months ago
  Luca Saiu 9d14e95f42 remove keyserver lookup functionality 5 months ago
  Luca Saiu 83f42c2771 remove uses of no longer existing key blacklisting functionality 5 months ago
  Luca Saiu 7b735ced5d build system fix: make uninstall now does not break the source directory 5 months ago
  Luca Saiu ee8e425b09 build system fix 5 months ago
  roker 07f4532853 don't use quotes here. 7 months ago
  roker b9e8ddadbb Merge pull request 'MACOSINST-26' (#2) from MACOSINST-26 into master 7 months ago
  Andreas Buff c86b0ff086 Merge branch 'Release_2.1' into MACOSINST-26 7 months ago
  roker f5bf4fd495 FPMAIL-412, P4TB-400: add import_key_with_fpr_return(). 7 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch cb7f81a537 Added libpEpwebserver/Release/* and libpEpwebserver/Debug/* to .gitignore 7 months ago
  Jörg Knobloch fdbb8a6ff0 Fixed Windows build after renaming JSON Spirit files from .cpp to .cc. 7 months ago
  roker 76f8461763 ENGINE-928, P4TB-400: add set_comm_partner_key(). Bump server_version to 0.22.2 8 months ago
  roker 3d7f977e37 fix Makefile rules for 'unittests'. Fix a crash in the Logger during unittest shutdown (and possibly also in JSON adapter's shutdown, too). 8 months ago
  roker 5f53c63cdc JSON-193: json-spirit now uses .cc, so fix the Makefile, too. 8 months ago
  roker c89ae0c5ae JSON-193: rename json_spirit's source files from .cpp to .cc to fulfill our file naming requirements. 8 months ago
  roker 5105d2f5f5 JSON-193: make debug builds default or when DEBUG=1 (or undeclared). Declare DEBUG=0 for a release build. 8 months ago
  roker a7ec86f0d4 JSON-193: provide a local.conf.example as desired. 8 months ago
  roker f115863d9a JSON-193: don't set $(CC), $(CXX) nor $(AR) in Makefile. Use local.conf for that! 8 months ago
  roker 534daedca0 fix unittest: init() got 4 parameters instead of 3. 8 months ago
  Andreas Buff 7aaf97c4a6 MACOSINST-26 better --static docs for clang users 8 months ago
  Andreas Buff 7d0bf78008 MACOSINST-26 betters docs 8 months ago
  Andreas Buff 4940d78e08 MACOSINST-26 fixes: BOOST_MT from local.conf ignored 8 months ago
  Andreas Buff 04b0eacdf9 MACOSINST-26 makes boost lib nameing postfix configurable 8 months ago
  roker 9a95ea497a Merge branch 'master' into MACOSINST-26 8 months ago
  roker 8f10a76cb4 add explicit rule also for %.cpp (needed for json_spirit), because crosscompiling won't work without. 8 months ago
  Andreas Buff 0838a285e6 Revert "MACOSINST-26 -liconv is condidered a bug. I assume someone triel & error fixed an issue with that." 8 months ago
  Andreas Buff acd5ffafda MACOSINST-26 -liconv is condidered a bug. I assume someone triel & error fixed an issue with that. 8 months ago
  Andreas Buff f8a1608abe Revert "MACOSINST-26 looks wrong. /libiconv.a should be used" 8 months ago
  Andreas Buff c225d5939a MACOSINST-26 looks wrong. /libiconv.a should be used 8 months ago
  roker 2955c4f102 remove Makefile-old, Makefile.conf-old, Makefile.Linux 8 months ago
  roker 8f699cfbdb minor syntax fixes. Thanks to hartmut. 8 months ago
  roker fc11d06cca Makefile changes to ease package maintainers. 8 months ago
  roker 3a611abb69 Makefile fixes for MacOS. It builds on my machine™ now. :-D 8 months ago
  Marcel Schneider fd6ce1f635 Massively simplify the Makefile... 12 months ago
  Andreas Buff 134a4e175b JSON-192 fixes: ignores local.conf PEP_ADAPTER_LIBRARY & LIBEVENT_LIBRARY_PATH 9 months ago
  roker 090e9f1496 JSON-190: default-initialize "Out" variables explicitly. 9 months ago
  roker 6666eaaabc try to re-enable unittests. Still work in progress... 10 months ago
  Lars Rohwedder 70f8cd34b7 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.pep.foundation/pEp.foundation/pEpJSONServerAdapter 10 months ago