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  Roker ef652cc77c add a dummy type that wraps js::Object to allow pretty-print output in GTest. *sigh* 12 months ago
  Roker ffaa448b0d add test for RPC functions returning json_spirit::Array. Works as expected on MacOS. 12 months ago
  Roker 137dffff4c fix unittest that crashes due to bad static initialization and lock hazzles... 12 months ago
  Roker 97492fcb8a remove the try to test FuncCache<> template, because it does not compile, yet. 12 months ago
  Roker f019d4a955 try to unittest also the client_id feature. Does not compile, yet. :-( 1 year ago
  Roker 001655c2e1 spread the client_id to all relevant code places... *sigh* the whole design looks quite ugly now to me. :-/ 1 year ago
  Roker 9b3a0bd4ff restructure call context, so cached/generated values are now thread-safe "per call" and not globally stored in the JsonAdapter class! 1 year ago
  Roker 7f23109544 remove Context::augment() because it is no longer necessary. 1 year ago
  Roker 8f609bf8b7 remove thread_id from result object, to make unittests green again, because the value of "thread_id" is unpredictable. 1 year ago
  Roker 1684a84b7b add empty implementation for DummyContext::cache() 1 year ago
  Roker bdf8e1cbb8 fix hex encoding of the test string "Größe" in unittest expected values 4 years ago
  Roker 3eba63f483 adding Non-ASCII input strings shows: I still have encoding problems in my JSON parser. -.- 4 years ago
  Roker d0b149147d add tests for InLength<> feature 4 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder eb0d7cb533 use a "DummyContext" to store the values in the unittest instead of NULL Context. 4 years ago
  Roker eedc5ef7f7 enum -> enum class. requires a lot of class name prefixes. :-/ 4 years ago
  Lars Rohwedder d4c633ad0b adopt the test for augmented Out<> return types. correct return value of stringlist_add(): it does _not_ return the whole list, but the last element. m( 4 years ago
  Roker ff3d999341 add specializations for non-owning parameters. but the test with stringlist_add() does strange things. WHY???? 4 years ago
  Roker d5dd29064d add example that reveals a bug that will be fixed in JSON-93. 4 years ago
  Roker 76027bbb40 fix mem leak in test function 4 years ago
  Roker da5e5a24df add unittest for RPC calls. \o/ 4 years ago