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Roker 28c5dc759e oops. I forgot to add to repo. Thank you, francesco! 4 years ago
Roker 408f6cd7d2 It _is_ an API change! 4 years ago
Lars Rohwedder ed7139c152 mime_decode_message() got another OUT<bool> parameter. Okay... 4 years ago
Lars Rohwedder bcc22449af proper casing of filenames. 4 years ago
Roker 35084a2bef re-sync with "sync" branch. :-) 4 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 9129ff71f4 proper casing of filenames is important on Linux, not on MacOS. *sigh* 4 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 8bbac8c041 update to Unicode version 11.0.0 4 years ago
Roker 895f4b6ac6 JSON-124 make html_directory configurable via Makefile & macros, instead of echo 4 years ago
Roker 9c52f13bcc *sigh* okay, due to strange Engine's API we have to give a function ptr to JsonAdapter::startup(). 4 years ago
Roker 3bea2ea578 make the JsonAdapter a proper singleton: private default c'tor. mutexed getInstance() method instead. 4 years ago
Roker 70ed7749b7 big refactoring. move all non-library stuff from JsonAdapter into mini-adapter-impl. But injectSyncMsg is still an issue, because the JsonAdapter calls init() and init() has this fn ptr as parameter. :-/ 4 years ago
Roker 042bfe038c remove JsonAdapter::first_session (moved into and call_with_lock(): moved into libpEpAdapter. 4 years ago
Roker 549a512732 rename all "pep" in file names etc. into "pEp" as required by pEp branding rules. 4 years ago
Roker cc1bae3085 renamed the binary into pEp-mini-json-adapter, renamed into 4 years ago
Roker 2793593cb2 Kick-out all Enigmail 2.0 leftovers. Bump API version to 0.17.0 and version name to "(40) Eisenach-Ost". 4 years ago
Roker 6aaaefe90c JSON-120 : add support for key_reset_identity(), key_reset_user(), and key_reset_all_own_keys() 4 years ago
Roker 32482cfb62 new server version 0.16.0: kick-out Enigmail 2.0 compat, remove MIME_*() functions, deliverHandshakeResult() changes parameter types. 4 years ago
Roker 5014d92793 boost.process v1.69 is known b0rken in MacOS and does not compile! Disable hotfixer feature on MacOS! 4 years ago
Roker 832b7348f5 new version "(39) Eisenach" 4 years ago
Roker 5489f9bd27 JSON-118 JsonAdapter is singleton, so ignore the "arg" and "obj" and "management" pointer parameters. Just use that goddam singleton. *sigh* 4 years ago
Roker 09c53a7f73 JSON-119: add get_key_rating_for_user() and bump API version by a minor step 4 years ago
Roker 20ff971c51 add some more checks and see why JSON-118 might crash 4 years ago
Roker 7abef2257a messageToSend() never worked. Now it is used by the Engine and ... crashed. Oops... 4 years ago
Roker e1bfc9b772 JSON-117 : add trust_own_key(). 4 years ago
Roker d073634df1 toNFC() is implemented now. Add unittest for toNFC(). 4 years ago
Roker 9c9384a235 timestamp is now serialized as integer, denoting the seconds (ignoring leap seconds) since Epoc. 4 years ago
Roker 665c705707 hah! to_json<timestamp*> produces data that from_json<timestamp*> does not understand. :-( 4 years ago
Roker b6e69784ff add serialization & deserialization test for pEp_message. 4 years ago
Roker 82eef125d2 use $(AR) instead of ar for building .a files, so it can be overridden in local.conf 4 years ago
Roker 66aeddb7c0 alles raus, was keine Miete zahlt. z.B. die alte locked_queue 4 years ago
Roker 4b658f04a6 remove my own slurp(), because it is in the Lib now. Adopt API change from time_t to unsigned. 4 years ago
Roker 74b82b5aa5 libpEpAdapter header now in /pEp/ subdir. :-) 4 years ago
Roker e9a24da8ac move status_to_string() to libpEpAdapter. 4 years ago
Roker 4f01dab049 add -lpEpAdapter to Makefile.conf 4 years ago
Roker d095d5f58a Line length limit in Makefile.conf 4 years ago
Roker af53441b5b Line length limit in Makefile 4 years ago
Roker 7a61375e64 add new PEP_STATUS enumerations. Did I say already that we should generate this code? I think, I said it already... 4 years ago
Roker b238e44cc9 remove keserver_lookup_session from do_keymanagement(). 5 years ago
Roker 07989fd419 remove undo_last_mistrust(), because it is no longer in the Engine. 5 years ago
Roker 9d9306f58a notifyHandshake() is now also without obj ptr :-( 5 years ago
Roker 56c3d41381 merge "default" into JSON-107 again. 5 years ago
Roker 58f237f03f merge "default" into JSON-107 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 6a6ad892a4 Fix "make" dependencies for json_spirit/*_template.h (JSON-79) 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 077500f502 Generate log output during ServerVersion's constructor. So "sv" cannot be a static variable anymore, because you cannot log before main() runs. 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 1305af8679 make json_spirit::Error_position a std::runtime_error as it shall be 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 0a700f43cd add download script for boost 1.68 to have boost.process etc. 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 11e5298f1e On Win32 there is no alloca header 5 years ago
Claudio Luck e2f477f6a3 JSON-110: merge default 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 5d8450dfe3 JSON-106: merge default 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 30a7ec66f5 one more return converted to exit 5 years ago