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Claudio Luck b0ce3bde6c use status-handle instead of winsrv cmdline option 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 1ac6bda685 daemonize(): use uintptr_t; simplify process wait on windows 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 44e92466a0 start bg process for windows, frontend waits for init complete/failed 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 5b1566a0fe true daemon, copy-up retvals, wait for init complete via pipe
- fork first, then initialize in daemon process
 - use intermediate processes to copy up return values
 - use transient pipe to get feedback from daemon
5 years ago
Claudio Luck 085f537336 daemonize(): double-fork and use pipe(2) to report back 5 years ago
Roker f67af7b2ce add daemonize() function. Needs to be platform-dependent. :-/ 7 years ago