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Roker 408f6cd7d2 It _is_ an API change! 4 years ago
Lars Rohwedder ed7139c152 mime_decode_message() got another OUT<bool> parameter. Okay... 4 years ago
Roker 70ed7749b7 big refactoring. move all non-library stuff from JsonAdapter into mini-adapter-impl. But injectSyncMsg is still an issue, because the JsonAdapter calls init() and init() has this fn ptr as parameter. :-/ 4 years ago
Roker 549a512732 rename all "pep" in file names etc. into "pEp" as required by pEp branding rules. 4 years ago
Roker 2793593cb2 Kick-out all Enigmail 2.0 leftovers. Bump API version to 0.17.0 and version name to "(40) Eisenach-Ost". 4 years ago
Roker 6aaaefe90c JSON-120 : add support for key_reset_identity(), key_reset_user(), and key_reset_all_own_keys() 4 years ago
Roker 32482cfb62 new server version 0.16.0: kick-out Enigmail 2.0 compat, remove MIME_*() functions, deliverHandshakeResult() changes parameter types. 4 years ago
Roker 09c53a7f73 JSON-119: add get_key_rating_for_user() and bump API version by a minor step 4 years ago
Roker e1bfc9b772 JSON-117 : add trust_own_key(). 4 years ago
Roker 4b658f04a6 remove my own slurp(), because it is in the Lib now. Adopt API change from time_t to unsigned. 5 years ago
Roker 07989fd419 remove undo_last_mistrust(), because it is no longer in the Engine. 5 years ago
Roker 58f237f03f merge "default" into JSON-107 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 103fef97e6 also add mime_decode_message 5 years ago
Roker 81d70748af add function encrypt_message_and_add_priv_key() in function map 5 years ago
Roker bb05a4637f unfinished 5 years ago
Roker f75cf83ef9 merge "default" into JSON-97 5 years ago
Roker 7f67dad613 Use the Logger class in ev_server 5 years ago
Claudio Luck 70579f0f74 now it even runs with Enigmail. :-) 5 years ago
Roker c31bd99c67 okay now it compiles on Mac OS. :-) 5 years ago
Roker 251d7348cd add MIME_decrypt_message_20() wrapper function 5 years ago
Roker c8d7401de0 and now, finally: _USE_ the new shiny template InLength<> for real function calls. Yay! 5 years ago
Roker 625a9d8128 In<c_string> stores the length. InLength<> retrieves it. 5 years ago
Roker eedc5ef7f7 enum -> enum class. requires a lot of class name prefixes. :-/ 5 years ago
Roker 72a28e40a7 big refactoring for ParamFlag parameter of In<> and Out<> 5 years ago
Roker a769c9a39a merge JSON-92 into "default" again. 5 years ago
Roker 8af2a23c49 JSON-92 change API again: Change keylist from Out<> to InOutP<>, which is a compatible API change in JSON/JavaScript. New API version: 0.15.1 5 years ago
Roker 97cbb70712 --add-sharks 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 950ee43957 add InOutP<T>, add specialization for Out<c_string>. 5 years ago
Roker dad481aaeb JSON-91: add MIME_encrypt_message_for_self() and encrypt_message_for_self() 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 7b0dbaf35b merge "default" into JSON-77 branch 5 years ago
Roker 1cb4ad307f Don't log to stderr if not necessary. ev_server methods now also uses the configured logfile. :-) 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder d5c7e19ff9 catch exceptions, convert them into HTTP-Error 500. Unknown URIs become 404. 5 years ago
Roker 73b6365fcd rename mis-spelled undo_last_mitrust() into undo_last_mistrust(). API version 0.12.0. 5 years ago
Roker 1d316ddb75 add set_own_key(). new API version 0.11.0 5 years ago
Roker 3266321f5f simplify. did not change API. :-) 5 years ago
Roker 5aa534efd1 oops, I did not want to break Enigmail. Fixed now: version() returns just a string 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 141d93ef50 new version "(34) Erndtebrück": remove apiVersion(), change version() to return a semver-compatible version number in a JSON object. 5 years ago
Roker 1c521a69f0 new version "(32) Littfeld" for JSON-72: add is_pep_user() to the API. 5 years ago
Roker ef6d0f91f5 typo fix 5 years ago
Roker 28ab841813 okay, update_identity() wieder rein... 5 years ago
Roker e2293b8f78 some functions removed from the API because they are obsolete & unused by Enigmail. 5 years ago
Roker 84e137f672 move path_to_html from to so ev_server no longer depends on make ev_server a class (albait only with static conent, at the moment… 5 years ago
Roker 9cb45ce719 MSVC has no ssize_t, so use ev_ssize_t from libevent 5 years ago
Roker 4f9e62d440 merge "default" into "JSON-59" 5 years ago
Roker 670418969b 5 years ago
Roker 85c2c55641 remove double code of In<>, InOut<>, Out<> etc. 5 years ago
Roker bf4cdca8ed merge "default" into "JSON-59" 5 years ago
Roker e1d6b5a37e merge "default" into JSON-54 and solve some merge conflicts. I hope, I got all of them. 6 years ago
Roker 2c11e129e6 merge "default" into JSON-54 6 years ago
Roker 1cda54c636 wrapper unnecessary! std::function<> can handle member function pointer directly. Yay! 6 years ago