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Roker 25249d0475 okay, MSVC is unable or unwilling to compile that one-liner, so I make 3 lines out of it. Does it work now? 5 years ago
Roker 4ca3b23ab2 I hope that change will convince MSVC to compile that code, too. 5 years ago
Roker 80ef2d744b add explicit static_cast to make Microsoft's compiler happier. 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder fc630689db add missing #include <algorithm> 5 years ago
Roker ab83a192b7 implement NFC composing. UNTESTED! 5 years ago
Roker 900aac34cb add NFC_Compose mapping, which is generated arithmetically from NFC_Decompose 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder f86b67545d implement CanonicalDecompose according to Unicode standard 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 67d72be732 add operator<<(std::ostream&, IsNFC) 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 13dc68f527 add support for CanonicalCombiningClass 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 213d0c4e16 detect illegal CESU-8 sequences. fix exception messages. 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 98d1eb6bb3 getUni() -> parseUtf8() and make it publicly available. 5 years ago
Roker 3cf4d56423 add assert_utf8() for every string to/from the Engine (except blobdata). Bump to version 0.12.1. 5 years ago
Roker 30caa39910 replace case ... branches by if-else cascade. :-/ 6 years ago
Roker 6b075d85a5 first NFC quick check, than (yet unimplemented) deep check 7 years ago
Roker 0072632a88 add generator script for NFC character properties 7 years ago
Roker 69a4c693b7 sensible implementation of isNFC(), with proper error handling etc. 7 years ago
Roker 0885bdd164 registerSession shall use security_token, too. fix some warnings clang++ shows but gcc does not. 7 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 94c2a7132e Initial check-in / Erstlingseinfügung / inserire iniziale intenzionale / Первый чек-ин 7 years ago