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Roker 2c6927cfdc JSON-165 the msg param of re_evaluate_message_rating() is now "inout" and not "in" any more. 3 years ago
Volker Birk 868e14c61b MessageCache::cache_encrypt_message_for_self 3 years ago
Volker Birk 0d0a2690f4 adding cache_mime_decode_message and cache_encrypt_message 3 years ago
Volker Birk 959ee1aeec add message_cache functions 3 years ago
Roker b26a492deb wrap _all_ Engine functions with passphrase_cache.api(), except config_*() functions 3 years ago
Roker c2db69c23f add support for "binary strings" that are base64-encoded at the JSON-RPC interface. import_key() uses that now, so bump ServerVersion to 0.21.0 for this incompatible API change. 3 years ago
Roker 30fb294a58 changed several API functions to be wrapped in passphrase_cache.api(). TODO: Whole API needs to be checked & verified! 3 years ago
Roker f317afaa78 Booooy... I'm giving up and implement FuncCache for 'config_passphrase()' and 'config_passphrase_for_new_keys()' manually to get rid of that template gebastel and resource management of C strings in the function cache. 3 years ago
Roker cd99f04918 add 1-argument confic_…() functions, except config_password(), because it is special. 3 years ago
Volker Birk 91c960df3d use CallbackDispatcher 3 years ago
Volker Birk 8f92d7f552 ... 3 years ago
Volker Birk c02676eefe JSON_ADAPTER_LIBRARY as switch 3 years ago
Volker Birk 973071f333 adding header 3 years ago
Volker Birk 13ddd59687 merging 3 years ago
Volker Birk 479c07a55f extending HACK 3 years ago
Roker 437b5fadc1 more log output. *sigh* 3 years ago
Roker 4e0de73094 add FuncCache class template. :-) 3 years ago
Roker 3590c9604e compile-time removal of certain (possibly long) debug log messages in stream format via new macro DEBUG_LOG() 3 years ago
Roker db00725360 pollForEvents(timeout) removed from API. pollForEvents2(session_id, timeout) renamed in pollForEvents(session_id,timeout) in API. Bump API version to 0.20.0. version name: "(42) Gotha". 3 years ago
Roker 7d39c22575 log the outputText in sendReplyString(). Yes, I know, it can be biiiiig! 3 years ago
Roker e7a99fdafe add create_session() and close_session() for explicit session management 3 years ago
Roker b74b4d38fd add pollForEvents2() that has an additional explicit session_id parameter. 3 years ago
Roker a0d949af74 okay, move the port probing into JsonAdapter::prepare_run() 3 years ago
Roker 8e25ef6d61 remove eventQueue for dying thread 3 years ago
Roker fe5f5842ce make ev_server the real server class. 3 years ago
Roker c6a5adcb23 don't log objects that have types without appropiate logger functionality. 3 years ago
Roker 0485986670 change ev_server to use pEp::Webserver. Now it compiles. \o/ But does not link, yet. :-/ 3 years ago
Roker 006cab02ee remove libevent, ev_http. remove own thread handlign. switch to pEp::Webserver. 3 years ago
Roker 3c1e521f5a set callback for connection close, to remove pending eventListener entries. 3 years ago
Roker 9ea49f9073 re-structured In<> and InOut<> class templates. I hope, MSVC is happy now. 3 years ago
Roker 23aa7fbbd1 add this function to test 3 years ago
Roker b346c16757 (un)registerEventListerner() no longer exist. 3 years ago
Roker c4af4df721 merge 'postrelease' into JSON-143 again. 3 years ago
Roker 819fe7eae2 redefine In_Pep_Session, so it uses the session_registry of the JsonAdapter. 3 years ago
Roker 0940ba3c42 declare JsonAdapter::pollForEvents() and add necessary template specializations for js::Array 3 years ago
Roker 79e3a052a1 according to Krista, neither the bool parameter of mime_encode_message() nor the bool* of mime_decode_message are part of the API for the cloents. So I don't expose them to the JSON-RPC clients. 3 years ago
Volker Birk f25740f45b postrelease API 3 years ago
Roker 3807e9beee fix infinite recusion in from_json<PEP_rating>(js::Value) 3 years ago
Volker Birk 1d07e11d09 adding re_evaluate_message_rating 3 years ago
Roker 47eb7b088d annotate last parameter of key_reset_user() with NullOkay 3 years ago
Roker 40f8a0ac17 JSON-137: Add outgoing_message_rating_preview() to the JSON API. Bump API version to 0.18.3 3 years ago
Roker de8be64565 set_identity() has _const_ pEp_identity* parameter. 3 years ago
Roker 962cb35280 JSON-135: FunctionMap now detects duplicate keys. And: Found & eliminate 3 duplicates: "mime_decode_message", "outgoing_message_rating" and "identity_rating". Thank you, Joerg, for this bug! :-) 3 years ago
Roker 0406240de9 JSON-135: Add mime_encode_message() and mime_decode_message() to the JSON API. Bump server version to 0.18.2 3 years ago
Roker 86906e7d77 add desired 5 functions to JSON RPC API 4 years ago
Roker 52b19ac275 'src' in encrypt_message() is InOut now. Bump API version to 0.18.0. 4 years ago
Roker 408f6cd7d2 It _is_ an API change! 4 years ago
Lars Rohwedder ed7139c152 mime_decode_message() got another OUT<bool> parameter. Okay... 4 years ago
Roker 70ed7749b7 big refactoring. move all non-library stuff from JsonAdapter into mini-adapter-impl. But injectSyncMsg is still an issue, because the JsonAdapter calls init() and init() has this fn ptr as parameter. :-/ 4 years ago
Roker 549a512732 rename all "pep" in file names etc. into "pEp" as required by pEp branding rules. 4 years ago