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Roker 0a4a87f79a use std::shared_ptr<> to the queue instead of reference, to avoid destruction of the queue while it is used. 3 years ago
Roker 9e13fcc6d5 delete client cached values after timeout. 3 years ago
🍆 04df743fe4 add client_session_timeout to command line parameters and deliver it into JsonAdapter. 3 years ago
Roker 3b8163fa32 merge "default" into this branch. 3 years ago
Roker eed9211016 put JSON object {"queue_close_event":true} into event queue when queue shall be closed, to let pollForEvents() wakeup before queue is gone (which would let the JSON adapter crash). Needs newer libpEpAdapter that has locked_queue::waiting() member function. 3 years ago
Roker 001655c2e1 spread the client_id to all relevant code places... *sigh* the whole design looks quite ugly now to me. :-/ 3 years ago
Roker f7043856c3 compare security token via constant_time_equal() to avoid timing attacks on the security token. NEEDS NEW LIBPEPADAPTER! 3 years ago
Roker 7f23109544 remove Context::augment() because it is no longer necessary. 3 years ago
Roker b0b773892e split this into 2 statements, so I can set a breakpoint here 3 years ago
Volker Birk 404218cf93 this is not needed anymore when using callback_dispatcher, because it's done there 3 years ago
Roker 4bdb5758fa do weird things when on sync thread... :-/ 3 years ago
Jorg Knobloch fb578ef8b7 Fixed typo. 3 years ago
Volker Birk 7a694fd345 don't 3 years ago
Volker Birk 67be4af982 *cough* 3 years ago
Volker Birk ec95d6eae6 implant pEp::Adapter::messageToSend 3 years ago
Roker 026ef5ce02 add to cache. 3 years ago
Roker 4fcd4dfcfb make pollForEvents() more chatty, too. 3 years ago
Roker 289587b83d log the request before delivery. 3 years ago
Roker fba350bedc EventListener Queues now contain js::Object instead of strings, so the js::Array returned by pollForEvents() has JSON objects, not JSON strings as elements. :-) 3 years ago
Roker e7a99fdafe add create_session() and close_session() for explicit session management 3 years ago
Roker b74b4d38fd add pollForEvents2() that has an additional explicit session_id parameter. 3 years ago
Roker 28aa49c365 prepare for explicit session management in EventListener 3 years ago
Roker a0d949af74 okay, move the port probing into JsonAdapter::prepare_run() 3 years ago
Roker fe5f5842ce make ev_server the real server class. 3 years ago
Roker 006cab02ee remove libevent, ev_http. remove own thread handlign. switch to pEp::Webserver. 3 years ago
Roker 4d587d45e0 log what happens on connection close. 3 years ago
Roker 3c1e521f5a set callback for connection close, to remove pending eventListener entries. 3 years ago
Roker 9bb80e2fab add more debug log :-/ 3 years ago
Roker 9ea49f9073 re-structured In<> and InOut<> class templates. I hope, MSVC is happy now. 3 years ago
Roker f063038e3a make compiler happy. And remove no longer needed, but dangerous code. 3 years ago
Roker cbe62568cc the same for notifyHandshake() 3 years ago
Roker cff655ae1f Hah! Here was the culprit: 2 In<> or InOut<> wrapper on the same struct message! But it is unecessary here; direct to_json<> is what we need here. 3 years ago
Roker e31b72d9d2 oops, I forgot this change to commit. My fault. Sorryyyyy... 3 years ago
Roker f6cd933da2 okay, joerg sais, MSVC does not need them anymore. so I throw them away. 3 years ago
Roker 9ae0754411 kaum macht man es richtig, schon geht's! :-D 3 years ago
Roker 79d1b017f6 implement pollForEvents(). :-D 3 years ago
Roker 38e3ced692 Yeah, it compiles again. Big refactoring completed. :-DDDD 3 years ago
Roker ba264cbf42 ongoing work. will quit for today. 3 years ago
Roker c4af4df721 merge 'postrelease' into JSON-143 again. 3 years ago
Roker d787594936 make stupid MSVC happy again. 3 years ago
Roker 819fe7eae2 redefine In_Pep_Session, so it uses the session_registry of the JsonAdapter. 3 years ago
Roker 0940ba3c42 declare JsonAdapter::pollForEvents() and add necessary template specializations for js::Array 3 years ago
Roker adad53ccab make injectSyncMsg configurable from main program. 3 years ago
Roker 9c52f13bcc *sigh* okay, due to strange Engine's API we have to give a function ptr to JsonAdapter::startup(). 4 years ago
Roker 3bea2ea578 make the JsonAdapter a proper singleton: private default c'tor. mutexed getInstance() method instead. 4 years ago
Roker 70ed7749b7 big refactoring. move all non-library stuff from JsonAdapter into mini-adapter-impl. But injectSyncMsg is still an issue, because the JsonAdapter calls init() and init() has this fn ptr as parameter. :-/ 4 years ago
Roker 042bfe038c remove JsonAdapter::first_session (moved into and call_with_lock(): moved into libpEpAdapter. 4 years ago
Roker 549a512732 rename all "pep" in file names etc. into "pEp" as required by pEp branding rules. 4 years ago
Roker 5489f9bd27 JSON-118 JsonAdapter is singleton, so ignore the "arg" and "obj" and "management" pointer parameters. Just use that goddam singleton. *sigh* 4 years ago
Roker 20ff971c51 add some more checks and see why JSON-118 might crash 4 years ago