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🍆 04df743fe4 add client_session_timeout to command line parameters and deliver it into JsonAdapter. 3 years ago
Roker 001655c2e1 spread the client_id to all relevant code places... *sigh* the whole design looks quite ugly now to me. :-/ 3 years ago
Roker 9b3a0bd4ff restructure call context, so cached/generated values are now thread-safe "per call" and not globally stored in the JsonAdapter class! 3 years ago
Roker 7f23109544 remove Context::augment() because it is no longer necessary. 3 years ago
Roker 4bdb5758fa do weird things when on sync thread... :-/ 3 years ago
Volker Birk ec95d6eae6 implant pEp::Adapter::messageToSend 3 years ago
Roker 026ef5ce02 add to cache. 3 years ago
Roker e7a99fdafe add create_session() and close_session() for explicit session management 3 years ago
Roker b74b4d38fd add pollForEvents2() that has an additional explicit session_id parameter. 3 years ago
Roker 3c1e521f5a set callback for connection close, to remove pending eventListener entries. 3 years ago
Roker 38e3ced692 Yeah, it compiles again. Big refactoring completed. :-DDDD 3 years ago
Roker 6f5975abd2 JsonAdapter becomes abstract class. pEp::mini::Adapter will implement it. JSON-134 will also profit from it. :-) 3 years ago
Roker c4af4df721 merge 'postrelease' into JSON-143 again. 3 years ago
Roker 819fe7eae2 redefine In_Pep_Session, so it uses the session_registry of the JsonAdapter. 3 years ago
Roker 0940ba3c42 declare JsonAdapter::pollForEvents() and add necessary template specializations for js::Array 3 years ago
Roker adad53ccab make injectSyncMsg configurable from main program. 3 years ago
Roker 9c52f13bcc *sigh* okay, due to strange Engine's API we have to give a function ptr to JsonAdapter::startup(). 4 years ago
Roker 3bea2ea578 make the JsonAdapter a proper singleton: private default c'tor. mutexed getInstance() method instead. 4 years ago
Roker 70ed7749b7 big refactoring. move all non-library stuff from JsonAdapter into mini-adapter-impl. But injectSyncMsg is still an issue, because the JsonAdapter calls init() and init() has this fn ptr as parameter. :-/ 4 years ago
Roker 042bfe038c remove JsonAdapter::first_session (moved into and call_with_lock(): moved into libpEpAdapter. 4 years ago
Roker 4b658f04a6 remove my own slurp(), because it is in the Lib now. Adopt API change from time_t to unsigned. 5 years ago
Roker 9d9306f58a notifyHandshake() is now also without obj ptr :-( 5 years ago
Roker 331a54b098 okay. JsonAdapter is a singleton now. :-( What about startSync() and stopSync()? 5 years ago
Roker 1a69ebaba2 merge default into JSON-107. 5 years ago
Roker bb05a4637f unfinished 5 years ago
Roker 3b80057ae0 make HTML & JS delivery optional 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 2f2466a8ca Less segfaults. More run. 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 41221140ca Let's the JsonAapter class use the new Logger. 5 years ago
Roker dab4f13aaa fix the fork() problem on MacOS (it existed on Linux, too, but ad no impact). New version 0.12.2 "(35) Bad Berleburg". 5 years ago
Lars Rohwedder 141d93ef50 new version "(34) Erndtebrück": remove apiVersion(), change version() to return a semver-compatible version number in a JSON object. 5 years ago
Roker ef6d9e0c98 refactored. now it compiles great again! 5 years ago
Roker 43700d1d1e JSON-69: separate binding and run(). 5 years ago
Roker f0b92e310b JSON-70: add command line parameter --ignore-missing-session to ignore session errors. UNTESTED, YET. USE AT OWN RISK! 5 years ago
Roker ade541d7bc okay, lambda functions are a bad idea when you try to access the this ptr… lession learned. 5 years ago
Roker 670418969b 5 years ago
Roker b616feb7d2 add function shutdown() to the API. but it does not work, yet! 6 years ago
Roker 8c577d4818 Backed out changeset ef26e4ea1626 – Keysync enabled again. 6 years ago
Roker 214014191e commented-out all keysync-related stuff because we have NO KEYSYNC AT THE MOMENT 6 years ago
Roker 90cb07f1d6 implement it with std::function magic. no std::bind necessary! :-D 6 years ago
Roker 48d00be9df clean up, do not clear whole registry when one instance dies 6 years ago
Roker 03e2efb60d implement the keyserver lookup threading gedöns 6 years ago
Roker 17738c81b9 implement callback functions, same way as the sync msg callback functions 6 years ago
Roker 2593ce655b new version "(27) Eckenhagen": add command line switch "--sync false" to disable automatic start of keysync at startup. 6 years ago
Roker 52268f6ed2 new version "(26) Reichshof": change return type from JSON array into JSON object {"output":[...], "return":..., "errorstack":[...]} 6 years ago
Roker 15cefec20e augment the PEP_STATUS with the error stack 6 years ago
Roker 489c2509a8 JSON-20 : add missing comma. 6 years ago
Roker cb08017d9d JSON-20 Change the order of 2 void* parameters… *sigh* who designed such interfaces? –.– 6 years ago
Roker cacc637826 be more robust and don't crash on shutdown() 7 years ago
Roker 218391198f new API version: "(20) Moitzfeld" showHandshake() -> notifyHandshake() and other Engine's API changes 7 years ago
Roker c9df333a9d add command line options, make json-adapter quit per default 7 years ago